Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2023 is healthy and filled with love. Currently, mine is filled with people. The Wilck Household has been a revolving hotel for children, pets, friends, and boyfriends. I’ve loved the full household and the bustle and the love, but I might be looking forward to checkout time tomorrow. Just a little. I think this year I will embrace my “old” status—add in a little extra cranky, and I’ll have the house to myself. Perfect!

Actually, for 2023, I’m trying something new, at least when it comes to my author life. I purchased a year planner for social media. It includes an audit of how my different platforms are doing, as well as daily tasks with a plethora of posting ideas. Hopefully, if I follow everything, I’ll see an uptick in engagement. So, if you see me post something, respond! Answer the question, post a photo, or just say hi. 


In keeping with the plan, today’s task is coming up with a word for the year. I’ve never done this before, but I know lots of people who do. Being me, however, I’m going to do this a little differently. I’m going to come up with two. My word for my professional year is “goals.” I’ve made them, and I’m going to stick to them. I hope the word will provide me with a little more focus, something I’ve lost these past few years. I also hope the word will keep me accountable, if only to myself.


In my personal life, my word for the year is going to be “space.” I’m taking up mine and not being afraid of it. I’m limiting my apologies to things I’ve actually done wrong. I’m reveling in my confidence (or at least boosting it a little). I’m too old to hide behind things or to be embarrassed by nothing. Making myself smaller to fit into a box that is of my own making ends now.


How about you? What are you doing for 2023? Do you have a word (or two) or a plan or a resolution? 


  1. Happy New Year, Jennifer! I've never heard of a social media planner. It's sounds both interesting and helpful, but also a little daunting. Are you liking it a few days in or is it too soon to tell?
    And I love your words for the new year! Go, you! My planner has a space for word of the year. I haven't quite decided on this year's yet, but I will.
    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thanks, Anastasia. So far, I'm enjoying the planner, and it seems to simplify things for me, which is always appreciated. I'm eager to see how well I'm able to stick with it.