Monday, June 27, 2022

Burn It All Down

I’m angry and don’t have the words to fully express my feelings in a blog post. At least not words that will live up to my own writing standards. So for now, I’m not writing about how women in the US are no longer free to have body autonomy, how a corpse has more rights than an American woman, or how Christian ideology has impinged on the separation of Church and State.

Instead, I’m going to write about how I escape from the real world. I’ll admit, it’s hard to do. Everywhere I turn I see women’s faces frozen in shock or anger. Social media is filled with comments and videos and memes.


But I appreciate the friends who have posted images of flowers or videos of the beach. Because although reality can’t, and shouldn’t, be avoided, we do need a break. We need a moment to catch our breath before we once again lose it in anger.


I appreciate the authors who have written books I can disappear into for a short while. I’ve got to admit that I’m totally off the dystopian society ones. I want stories that show me what the world can be if things go well, not what it can be if things continue on this trajectory. 


I also appreciate the nicer weather we’re having. Breathing fresh air, soaking up the sun, and taking some time out to laugh with friends and family is a huge help. It’s not going to solve anything, but it’s helping me. 


If you have other ideas, share them. And if you’re looking for books to help you escape, don’t forget about mine.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Welcome, Anastasia Abboud!

 Jennifer, thank you for hosting me today. I love your writing, so it’s a real honor to be a guest on your blog. 

I’m very excited about Tremors Through Time. I like the main characters, Deidre and Lachlann. I’m not bragging. It’s that surreal experience I think is both common and unique to fiction writers, that of the characters writing themselves.

What I appreciate about Lachlann and Deidre is their authenticity. They are true to themselves and to others, at least as much as they can be. 

They remind of a quote from Aristotle, “One swallow does not a summer make, neither does one fine day; similarly, one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.” 

The ancient philosopher goes on to examine what does make a person happy. His concludes that honor and personal integrity -- in a word, virtue -- are essential to happiness. 

Lachlann and Deidre do their best, but they’re only human, after all. They can’t completely stifle their needs, desires, fears. All they want is to live a simple, happy life together, yet they are both aware that there are circumstances bigger than they are and that everything could change in an instant. They concentrate on doing what’s right, try to live in the moment, and hold out hope for the next. 

I believe it’s what we all should do. Of course, just as Deidre and Lachlann discover, that’s easier said than done.



She's made mistakes and paid the price, but Deidre Chisolm is no quitter. She'll never again be a fool for a man, not even her gorgeous new neighbor with his haunted eyes and strange accent. She'll be friendly, but nothing more. 


Lachlann has to go back to fourteenth-century Scotland. He can't forsake his family, his son. But when a beautiful, kind, funny lady buys the house next door, he's never been so drawn to anyone in his life. Would she believe his story? After years of struggling through nightmares and flashbacks, headaches and illiteracy, dare he ask her to help him return?


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Author Bio: 


For me, playing is the best -- playing outdoors in nature or in my garden, experimenting in the kitchen, spending time with those I love. I also enjoy disappearing into a good book, attempting crafts, learning, writing, exploring, discovering. I especially like to mix it up and have yet to perfect any of it; and I've come to realize that perfection's not the point. It's all wonderfully fun. That's the point!

​I prefer authentic and natural, be it food, lifestyle, people. I passionately enjoy both history and science, and certainly sociology to a degree, and I am most truly a romantic.

​​My husband and I have been married for over forty years. We reside near Houston, Texas, surrounded by loved ones. We have a blast with our little grandchildren.

​I thank God for this wonderful life.

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Monday, June 20, 2022

Latest Book Deal

I’m so excited to share that I’ve been offered a three-book deal by Harlequin Special Edition, an imprint of HarperCollins and a huge force in the romance genre. The mini-series will be Jewish holiday focused, and take place during Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, Passover, and Hanukkah.

Thanks to my agent, Cathie, this manuscript finally has a home. Someday I’ll go into explanation of how exactly this manuscript came to be, but for now I’m just going to say that I think it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be, and I can’t wait to get to work on it. Both my agent and my editor completely understand what to do with this book, and I am so glad to finally get it out into the world.


Writing Jewish romance is incredibly satisfying from a personal standpoint, because I get to create characters who are familiar to me (nope, still not based on me or anyone I know). But it’s also important for those books to get out into the world. Representation matters. As a white person, I have incredible privilege. But as a Jewish woman, those rights are not always guaranteed. And even though there are incredible authors who are marginalized in ways I will never experience, Jewish romance is also often pushed to the side, waiting for someone who knows what to do with it. The more books published by Jewish authors, the better it will be for Jewish writers in the future. And, quite honestly, the more books published by marginalized authors from any background, the better it is for all of us.


So if you haven’t yet read a book by a marginalized author—authors of color, LGBTQIA+ authors, Jewish authors, Muslim authors, Indigenous authors, Asian authors, to name just a few, go out and find them. Read them. Review them. Talk them up with your friends. Suggest them to your book clubs. Borrow them or request them from your libraries. You may just find your newest, most favorite author.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Barnes & Noble Book Signing #2

Another Saturday, another Barnes & Noble event. And this one was fabulous! If you like romance, go to the Easton, PA store. They have a big romance section, and they are very romance friendly. 

The store manager contacted me and asked me to invite some of my romance author friends to join me. They wanted to make it a multi-author event. He then decided to make it even bigger by inviting additional romance authors. They were wonderful. We all enjoyed talking to each other, learning about each other’s publishing journey, and checking out the books. 


Unlike other events I’ve attended, they made a huge publicity push, creating hashtags for us to use on social media, blasting it out to their customers for a month leading up to the event, creating signage, and even offering coupons for readers once they arrived in store. It was fantastic, and I sold books. And customers came in specifically requesting our books because they’d looked them up ahead of time!


If you missed it, they’re doing it again on May 6, 2023. Mark your calendars—I personally can’t wait to go back!



Wednesday, June 1, 2022

5 Things to Know About the Hero and Heroine in Jana Richards' “To Heal a Heart”

 5 Things to Know About the Hero and Heroine in “To Heal a Heart”

1.     Garrett and Blair both come from families with three children. Garrett is the oldest with two younger sisters. And Blair is the youngest with two older brothers. 


2.     While Garrett comes from a happy family and had an idyllic childhood, Blair’s family is best described as dysfunctional. She and her brothers have found that some hurts are difficult to put behind them.


3.     Something Garrett and Blair have in common: compassion and a love of animals. Garrett found he couldn’t abandon a horse to sure death. He buys Harry at an auction despite his poor condition. Blair has rescued two horses. Stormy was a racehorse who could no longer race and was about to be euthanized, and Rainbow was abandoned at a riding stable when her owner went bankrupt. Blair couldn’t let either of them suffer or die.


4.     Garrett spent ten years in the Marines until a suicide bomber in Afghanistan ended his career. Now he’s trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life.


5.     Blair works as a veterinary technician, which is sort of like a nurse for animals. She’s often more comfortable in the company of animals than with people!


TO HEAL A HEART on sale at Amazon for .99 cents – May 20 – June 3, 2022! Get Your Copy Today!

Garrett Saunders' world changed two years ago on a road in Afghanistan. Back home, he feels like a stranger. As he struggles to find his place in the world, he meets a horse destined for the slaughterhouse and a woman bent on rescuing the strays of the world, including him.

Blair Greyson moves to Masonville to look after her ailing grandfather and give her rescue horses a home. Right away she butts heads with a surly former Marine. Despite a rocky start, they come to an agreement: Blair will board Garrett's rescue horse and he'll help with repairs around her farm.

Garrett finds purpose working with Blair—and falls in love with her. But she's hiding a secret. Can she forgive herself and accept Garrett's love, or will she let guilt and regret continue to rule her life?


He pushed himself to his feet, disconcerted by his unsteadiness. He made a few halting steps toward the gate as Blair ran into the yard. 

“I forgot my sweater,” she said, grabbing the garment from the back of a chair and slipping it on. “It’s cooler than I thought. Are you sure you don’t want to watch the fireworks with us?”

“No, I—”

His words were cut off by a loud explosion, and his only thought was that he had to protect Blair. He grabbed her and threw her to the ground, covering her body with his. He was under attack. Why was Blair in Afghanistan? How could he keep her safe?

Through the chaos and noise he heard her muffled voice beneath him. “Garrett, you’re crushing me.”

He shifted his weight slightly. “Shh. I’m sorry. You have to stay down and quiet. I can’t let them hurt you.”

She stopped struggling. “Who’s going to hurt me?”

“Can’t you hear the mortar fire? I have to protect you.”

Her hand rubbed his back in gentle circles. “It’s all right, Garrett. It’s only fireworks. It can’t hurt us. We’re safe here.”

He lifted his head and looked around. He was in Cole and Lauren’s back yard in Masonville. There were no bombs, no shelling, no Taliban. He looked down into Blair’s face, into the pity in her eyes. He rolled off her, disgusted with himself. 

Disgusted and scared. He was losing his mind.

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STRONG ENOUGH, book 4 in the Masonville Series, Coming Soon!

STRONG ENOUGH is available for pre-order now. The book releases June 22, 2022!


Charlotte Saunders has a full life—a rewarding career as a nurse, meaningful volunteer work at a dog shelter, and family, friends and pets she adores. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget the horrible event that’s haunted her for ten years.

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Damon Greyson now helps others who have suffered trauma. His experience and intuition alert him to trouble in Charlotte’s past, and he wants to help her, if only she’d let him.

As they work together to help veterans suffering from PTSD and neglected dogs needing loving homes, their feelings for each other deepen. But when the trauma from Charlotte’s past roars back to life, both are forced to confront their painful histories—or die trying.

Buy Links:


Author Bio:

Jana Richards has tried her hand at many writing projects over the years, from magazine articles and short stories to full-length contemporary romance, paranormal suspense and romantic comedy. She loves to create characters with a sense of humor, but also a serious side.  She believes there’s nothing more interesting then peeling back the layers of a character to see what makes them tick.

When not writing up a storm or dealing with dust bunnies, Jana can be found pursuing hobbies such as golf (which she plays very badly) or reading (which she does much better). 

Jana lives in Western Canada with her husband Warren. You can reach her through her website at


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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Welcome C Becker

Fitting Words into a Neat Little Page

After a year of corresponding back and forth with my editor on the manuscript for Saving Euphoria, the time had come to push forward into the galley stage. I waited on pins and needles to see the layout in book format for the final proofing. Since Saving Euphoria is also in print, I wanted to be extra attentive and eliminate widow and orphan lines. If you haven’t heard of the terms, a widow is when the first line of a paragraph is left by itself on the bottom of a page. The orphan is when a solitary line is carried over to the top of the next page. Depending on your source, the two definitions may flip flop. Remember the old English rules about leaving two lines in a paragraph at the bottom and top of a page? The rules are out to haunt us again. Solitary lines are frowned upon because it leaves too much white space around that part of the page. Some publishers will allow the one line on the bottom of a page, but avoid the short line on top of the next page. Other publishers won’t allow either, and some aren’t bothered either way.

When I began my galley edits, I took the widows and orphans seriously. After all, this novel was my baby and I wanted it to look like all the other professional books on the market. Correcting all the one lines became a game. I started at the beginning and corrected each orphan and widow page as I found them. Sometimes I would find a shorter word, other times, I’d add in another word or two.  Page by page, chapter by chapter, I’d cross my fingers hoping to find a page or two that didn’t need adjusting. I worked on it for two weeks, but finally, came to the end. Such satisfaction! Each page on my novel follows the rules and avoids orphans and widows and the lines are still “squared off,” which is another story.

Most writers may never notice the typesetting on a page. If someone does notice a book that has orphans and widows, it might not even bother them. For me it sticks out like a sore thumb, which is why I corrected them. In the age of eBooks, widows and orphans don’t matter because when the font size in the screen changes, the lines with orphans and widows aren’t noticeable. For hard copy and paperback books, however, the formatting is obvious. Computer programs like Microsoft Word gives a writer the ability to control widow and orphan lines on documents. If you’ve never tried it, go to HOME tab, click on the tiny arrow under the Paragraph corner, click the tab for Line and Page Breaks, under Pagination, make sure you click Widow/Orphan control. It’s that easy. Now make sure the Line Alignment wasn’t altered in the process and you’re set! (That’s the line numbers matching on each pair of pages). The process helps to have a patient editor, like my fabulous editor, who will work with you. 





Hailey Langley and her children struggle to cope with the shocking and mysterious death of her husband Mark. Her teenaged son is rebelling, and Hailey is dealing with physical and mental challenges as well.

Tom Parker, Hailey's former partner from the Special Crimes Agency, comes back into her life. He warns her to trust no one even as he tries to rekindle the flame that connects them.

Everyone has secrets, even Parker, and some of those from the past threaten to destroy the present. Hailey fights to move forward after losing Mark, but she needs to figure out if she can trust Parker and risk taking another chance on love.


He moved closer, his breath warming her face. “I don’t want to be a friend. I want more.”

Her eyes blurred. “It’s only been six months since Mark died.”

“Life goes on, Hailey. Mark’s gone.”

“Six months, Parker.” Tears burnt like acid splashing in her eyes. Six months was not nearly enough time to let go.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it that way.” Parker reached over and held her hand.

The tenderness in his touch made an instant connection to her heart. Ashamed at her heart’s betrayal, she yanked her hand away and wiped a tear off her cheek.

He held her hand again and whispered. “I love you, Hailey. I always have. Somehow, life or fate, or whatever it is you want to call it, got in our way. I kept my distance when you married Mark, but I never stopped loving you.” He tightened his grasp on her hand. “Now I feel like an idiot because I waited too long.”

“Parker, please. I’m not sure I even want to get involved with someone again.”

“You’ve become so miserable. You’re a strong woman.” His face hardened. “Mark wouldn’t want you to waste your life grieving. He’d want you to go on—and at least try to be happy.” He caressed her cheek with his thumb. “I think deep down, you know it.”

Few people had her pegged so well. She bit her lip, “I do.”

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C. Becker is the author of Finding Euphoria and Saving Euphoria. She is currently working on the third book to the Euphoria trilogy. As a medical technologist in a former career, Becker has never outgrown the attraction of using science in everyday life. 

When she’ s not writing, Becker enjoys hanging out with her family and Jack Russell, playing the piano, reading, and gardening.

Contact info:







Amazon Author Page


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Monday, May 23, 2022

Barnes & Noble Book Signing

I attended my first in-person book signing at Barnes & Noble over the weekend. My first in more than two years, I should add. Because, you know, COVID. I’ve been to a few outdoor festivals, but this was in an actual bookstore, with real readers, whose sole purpose was to buy books. It was a great signing for multiple reasons. 


1.     It let me get my feet wet after two years of embracing my introverted self. And it helped me overcome my anxiety of being social around people and talking about my books.

2.     It let me practice talking to readers and engaging them in conversations about books.

3.     It also let me practice all the other “Hi, I’m a romance author” actions necessary for participating in a book signing.

4.     I met the Barnes & Noble store managers. That’s key when you are an author and want to set up book signings in the future.

5.     Bonus: I met a radio personality!


And after two years of staying in my house, I needed the practice. Plus, I spent the afternoon with my critique partner and fellow author, who is always fun to be around. And, the Princess joined us, and gave us some much-needed feedback from a key demographic.


I’ll be at several other book signings this summer. Next up is the Morris County Authors event on June 4. In the meantime, I have branding and social media work to do. Plus writing, of course. Because this is a process that never ends!


* * *


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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sale Alert!



Lies. Betrayal. A blown undercover mission.

After ten years away, DEA agent Jarrett Brandt heads home to pay his respects to his deceased brother and hide out from the cartel kingpin who wants him dead. The last thing he needs is Marissa, his high school sweetheart, tempting him with her sassy smile and showing him the life he gave up. Add on his judgmental parents, and he’s ready to hit the road.

Widowed mom Marissa Reinn never had much luck with the Brandt boys. First Jarrett broke her heart, then she lost his brother—her husband—to a bullet. Vowing to uncover Jarrett’s secrets, she succumbs to the passion still burning between them instead.

When a team of assassins find him, Jarrett and Marissa will have to work together to survive and protect her son. How will they seize their second chance at love with their lives on the line?


Tagline – Rekindling the flames of love has never burned so hot.




“You can trust me, Jarrett. I won’t tell your parents anything you don’t want me to.” She sighed and stood as well. “You used to tell me everything. We never kept secrets.”

Jarrett paced between the coffee table and fireplace. “My parents’ opinion doesn’t matter. Dad would still throw up my juvie record or the fact that I’m not a cop, even if I was a model citizen. I’m not that lost, angry kid anymore. I know who I am now, and it’s not someone you’d want to know.”

“I disagree.”

“God, you don’t understand. Marissa, I’ve missed you so damn much. I’ve laid awake so many nights wondering what my life would’ve been like if I’d stayed here.” When he made love to other women, he imagined Marissa beneath him or above him, panting his name. When the nightmares of blood and gore faded, he dreamed of her. Those bittersweet memories and what if scenarios were almost worse than the nightmares. “I’ve done things I’m not proud of.”

“I hated you after you left, but I’ve gotten over it. Everyone feels regret and guilt over something. It’s all about being human.” She dashed away her tears. “I told you mine last night. Will you please show me the same courtesy?”

“I can’t.”

“At least tell me what you did last Christmas. Jason made it crystal clear that he didn’t want you alone. He wants you to have a tree.” She pointed at the Douglas fir. “Well, there you go. What did you do last year?”

Jarrett licked his dry lips, heat swelling in his cheeks.

He’d joined the Consuelo gang last December and spent the holiday in a slummy apartment with five thugs who sold cocaine on the streets of Albuquerque. Living around his drug of choice had nearly destroyed him.

“What about your last birthday?” Marissa blocked his path and braced her hands on her hips. “Did you have cake or go out with a bunch of buddies and get drunk? Did something horrible happen? Why won’t you tell me anything?”

He shoved a hand through his hair. “Damn it, Marissa. Yeah, I got drunk. A few of us went to a strip club where I fucked two dancers in a backroom. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Her eyes widened as she stepped back.

Way to go, you fucking idiot. He brushed his shaky hands on his button-down shirt to steady them. “Marissa—”

She strode past him with a high head and left the room.

Her cold shoulder skewered him, but he didn’t deserve better.


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Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through Daulton Publishing, The Wild Rose Press, and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats. 

She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats. 


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Monday, May 16, 2022

Barnes & Noble Signing

 Guess what? I've got a ton of in-person events scheduled--I even have masks with my logo on them--and I can't wait to see readers again! 

This Saturday I'll be at the Barnes & Noble in Woodland Park, NJ--for NJ people, this used to be Paterson--from 1-4 pm. I'll be there with my critique partner, Miriam Allenson. She also writes contemporary romance. Her books are fast-paced and quirky and you'll love them. I'll be signing A Reckless Heart and Unlock My Heart. And I'd love you to visit with me!

Even if you already have the books, autographed ones make great gifts for others! 

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Welcome, LB Griffin

 The Twenty-One-Year Contract
Only a simple shoebox, but with life-changing secrets…
The Twenty-One-Year Contract
Kathleen Gray—talented, a little wild, at times rebellious, but always popular—has a fun, easy life in rural Somerset, with a doting family. 
Suddenly, they are gone, everything is changed, and she has only Uncle Jack. Try as he might, he cannot be father and mother to her—he has a business to run and his own life to manage.
Kathleen takes a chance and becomes Kate Westfield, fending for herself in London, with a new life built on her hopes and dreams and new friends. She could hardly have imagined that one of those friends has a shoebox full of answers.
20th Century fiction>romance>mystery>suspense>drama>thriller
The Twenty-One-Year Contract was inspired by a whole host of people I’ve been fortunate to know, teach, and work with over the years. My stories are based on courage and survival. The people I met don’t think or see themselves as courageous or survivors, but they sure are. 
SNIPPET FROM The Twenty-One-Year Contract 
‘After a glass of water, Jack made himself a cup of tea and returned to the job in hand. This was going to be much harder than he could ever have imagined. Working deep through the night, Jack methodically sifted through volumes of paperwork until light inched its way through the curtain. Though he felt thoroughly ready for bed, he continued searching, his aim to find at least a smidgen of information about his niece. Randomly tidying up as he went, Jack noticed an encyclopaedia oddly extended over one of the top shelves. He tried pushing it back into place. It was jammed. It looked awkward. Pulling it out to check the depth of the book, he found a box file hidden behind. Upon the side panel was one word, capitalized in thick bold lettering: KATHLEEN As the hazy sunlight grew, puzzled, Jack pulled the curtains to lend natural light, took the file off the shelf, sat back in Henry’s chair, and looked inside…’
A bit about the author:
There is one thing that LB Griffin loves more than writing, or travelling, and that is her family. She is happily married and lives in the UK surrounded by her family. She loves a good cup of tea and British strawberries, but always enjoy a glass of fizz. She has always worked around the full-time job to help to pay the bills. She held a variety of jobs which she believes has informed her characters honesty. She has worked in school kitchens, been a cleaner and bar work, was a secretary, social worker and Lecturer. When she submitted her debut Secrets, Shame and a Shoebox in 2020 she was planning to ‘trek’ the world. Her debut was released in 2021. The sequel, The Twenty-One-Year contract will be released late Spring 2022. Both books are standalone, but if you love Harriet, she will most definitely pop up in the Sequel. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

I Need Your Help!

Hey all, I need your help.

A Reckless Heart is up for a Rone Award (a prestigious award in the indie romance community, of which I am a part). The first round of judging* starts today and I would love it if all my friends would vote. 

  1. Go to

2.     Create an account if you don't already have one (it's safe, I promise, and once you've voted you can unsubscribe to any emails you might get).

3.     Check your email and VERIFY the account.

4.     Click on and scroll to WEEK 2.

5.     There are 3 categories. A Reckless Heart is in Contemporary: Steamy. Click on it. Then go to the bottom of the category and click VOTE.


*This first round is purely a popularity contest (which I hate) and so you don't have to have read the book. BUT, if I make it past this round, my book gets in front of editors, agents, and others in the industry and THAT will help my career.