Monday, March 27, 2023

Release Day!

It’s book release day! That’s right, my fourteenth book is out today. I can’t believe I’ve published 14 books, with several more on the way. Crazy. Here’s the link if you’re interested: Universal Link:

This release day I’m celebrating a little differently, with two live events. 


The first happened this morning via Facebook Live. I’m attending a big reader’s event in the fall, and one of the women offered to interview author attendees. We coordinated it around today’s release, and I had so much fun talking to her. As she described it, it was like sitting down for a cup of coffee and chatting. We talked about my writing process, my reading preferences, and my book. And I’ve gained a new reader, since she tried A Heart Restrained, loved it, and now wants to read the rest of the series. Yay! I answered watchers’ questions and really had so much fun.


The second will happen tonight. I’m going into Manhattan to a place called P&T Knitwear, which is a gift store, bookstore, podcast recording studio and more. I, along with several other authors, will read excerpts from our books, discuss our writing, and sign books for readers. I’ve never done something like this before, and I’m excited to be a part of it. If you’re in the area this evening, stop by!


Usually, I focus more on social media events, which I’m still doing. I’ve got blogs and reviews tours and social media posts. But I’m trying to reach readers who might not be on social media. We’ll see what happens. 


This book was a lot of fun to write, but more difficult than my usual ones. The hero doesn’t show his emotions. And that makes it very hard for me, as the author, to show you, the reader, what he’s feeling. Because I don’t want to say, “he was angry.” I want you to see it. But if I can’t show you his anger, I have to find other methods. So, it was a struggle. But I hope I did it well. Fiona, who does show her emotions, was fun to write. I’m a big fan of strong, independent women, and she is definitely strong and independent. Sassy, too. 


I hope you’ll consider reading the book, and if you do, I hope you’ll leave a review. Short, long, good, bad, all the reviews help by making my books more visible. Thanks for coming along on the journey with me!



Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Welcome, Alexa Sullivan

Don’t Give Up on Finding Your Voice


I stared at another email from my agent, informing me that a publisher had once again passed on my manuscript. Dejected, I wondered how I was ever going to get over the seemingly 100-foot-high publication gate guarded by mysterious, faceless people my agent was corresponding with. The feedback she kept passing me was incredibly vague – my book just “wasn’t for” the person in question or “didn’t quite captivate” them. What was I doing wrong?


This was many years ago. At the time, I was trying to be a YA fantasy writer in a sea of such writers. After several years of working with that agent and failing to get three separate YA books through the publication gauntlet, I amicably parted ways with my agent and took some time to re-center myself. I focused on other things, like my career. And off and on, I kept writing.


Eventually, I found the inspiration to try writing romance – something I’d dabbled with in the past but never seriously pursued. After self-publishing a sweet contemporary romance, I turned to writing more steamy paranormal romance and finally found my writing home (yes, my home now includes some level of smut). Instead of trying to write something that was popular, I wrote to entertain myself. I included the most random of plot points (like a three-headed Pomeranian hellhound) – whatever would make me laugh. In doing so, I found my voice as a writer.


It only took about 15 years.


If you’re an as-yet-unpublished writer and not sure what your “brand” is, I would encourage you to set aside worries about what’s popular in the market right now and write only for yourself. If there’s a genre you love to read but struggle to write, don’t write that, either. Find the type of story you both love to read and write, then tell yourself that story. Your voice, like mine, might be a little quirky. But I guarantee it will be authentic.


And authenticity might just sell your book.



By Alexa Sullivan



Ro Baird can't cast a spell without setting her own pants on fire—until she kisses her hot new boss, Alex. Suddenly, she's able to access her magic…sort of…and she now has a familiar, who may be more trouble than she is helpful.

Alex Kouris happens to be a soul-stealing demigod of the Underworld. He claims he's trying to leave the life, but can she really trust a man whose magical talents are manipulation and charm? When Alex enlists a shady ex to help him, Ro must risk her heart and her life to save him and humanity from Hades’s evil scheme. 


Can she harness her true power to set Alex and herself free?



Alexa Sullivan writes humorous, contemporary paranormal romance. Inspired by her previous career in IT,, she imagines a world where the mundane meets magic—and where vampires and werewolves have regular jobs. Oh, and there are cats, too. She lives and works in the beautiful state of Oregon, where she sets all of her stories. When not writing, she can be found hanging out with her husband, walking her cats on a leash, and watching far too much Bravo reality TV.






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Instagram: @alexasullivanromance


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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Check Out This Awesome Series!


Series BLURB:


A wisp of smoke, a swirl of promise, a breath of destiny…a message within the Mortar & Pestle for those who want to believe.

Throughout time people have sought heir heart’s desire. But true love is often elusive.

Carved with Ancient Norse runes, the Mortar & Pestle shows paths to happily-ever-afters.

Once you capture the Mortar & Pestle’s scent of magic, you’ll want to read all seven individual romances.



5 Fun Facts About the Series:

  1. Each book has a paranormal element or thread—selkies, gifted heroines, healers, vampires…a bit of magic and a whole lotta love!
  2. The Mortar & Pestle plays a role in each book to bring true love upon an unsuspecting couple in unique ways. Whether it’s used for grinding food or herbs, hitting an adversary’s head [hey, that bowl is heavy!], making medicines, mixing paints, or being uncovered in an archaeological find, the magical bowl finds its way into each of the stories.
  3. The Mortar & Pestle transcends time. Originating with the Norse/Vikings, it is passed on to medieval Scotland, across the sea to 1700s Caribbean pirates, to North American WWII treasure hunters, and lastly it joins with three contemporary couples just trying to find their path, including an emotional vampire, a healer, and an artist.
  4. Each book can be read as a standalone, out of or order, in order! 
  5. Each romance is low-heat (= PG to PG-13/behind closed doors or fade to black – whatever you like to call it!) and some of the authors are offering extra bonus spicy scenes or graphics! Check out their websites for more info.


Inspiration For the Series 

In early 2022, a group of seven authors got together through Zoom to talk shop, and one thing led to another…and a magical Mortar & Pestle was born! A few of us were in writing slumps. A few were looking for something new or fun to write. Our intention was to talk the biz, and instead, we left, our fingers itching to write a new romance! Each story has a bit of magic and is novella-length, spanning time from 900 AD to modern day. The series takes the reader on an adventure with Vikings, Highlanders, pirates, treasure hunters, vampires, healers, and artists. 


About the authors:

Sydney Winward is a writer of action packed paranormal and fantasy romance, and a stay-at-home mom and seamstress on the side. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her family who are considered an essential, so she’d also bring loads of fabric, her sewing machine, and her favorite book.

Jean M. Grant is a gardener, coffee lover, hiker girl, and cheerleader for her neurodiverse family. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): coffee, lip balm, endless pink sticky notes, and The Rock Dwayne Johnson. Bonus: my island better have fruit, veggie, and loads of flower gardens or I’ll be making a raft to escape.

Marilyn Barr is an award-winning historical, PNR author who writes about societal misfits and the fate mates who cherish them. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her spouse (she is totally obsessed with her nerd), caffeine (she’s addicted to coffee, energy drinks, and black tea – and would need gentle weaning), and cheesecloth (for desalinating ocean water), and some herbivore’s milk to make cheese.

D.V. Stone writes several different genres all with a bit of romance and fun. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): a multi-tool like a Leatherman, a kindle, and a satellite hot spot.

Shirley Goldberg trolls for funny in life, relationships, and in her writing. Her characters are often of a certain age, although her energy vampire is in his thirties. She loves small, intimate joints with a little dance and music—and her honey. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): since the stranded on a deserted island theme is fantasy, her family and honey count as one. She’d bring her kindle and a bag of dark Utz pretzels.

Darlene Fredette is an author of heartwarming contemporary romances and an artist at heart. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her family to keep her sane—they travel together so if she was stranded, so are they! She’d bring a radio so she can listen to music, and a lighter to make fire because while she is a Survivor fan, she’s not getting her torch snuffed out for trying to get a spark from a flint.

Ginny Frost is a writer, dreamer, romantic. And a total fangirl for Sci-Fi, horror, and fantasy. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her kindle—completely filled with books and cross-stitch patterns, her cross-stitch supplies in bulk, and a vat of diet Pepsi.

Taglines & buy link:

Seeker - Nock, draw, release. Her bow is always ready, and if her arrow hits its mark, she will secure her destined soulmate.

Buy link-- Preorder all the books now, each for 99 cents!


Series link on Amazon


Check out the trailer!


Check out the free prequel that includes the first chapter of each book in the series - HERE!


Jean M. Grant


Social Media links:

Website ~ Twitter  Facebook ~  Goodreads Bookbub Amazon Author Page Instagram


Monday, February 6, 2023

Time to Take A Break

It’s February, and I’m taking the month off. Coincidentally, it’s also my birthday month, so that just makes my break more fun. But really, the two have nothing to do with each other.

I finished the first draft of my second Harlequin manuscript and sent it off to my agent to read. Instead of moving right into the third book, I’m taking a step back and breathing. I’ve got my timeline set up with what’s due when, and I can still make my official deadline of May 1 even without doing anything during February. 


It doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing this month. I’m just doing different things. I have a manuscript that I started at the suggestion of the Princess, and I’m playing around with that this month. It’s fun because there’s no pressure on me. I’m starting to tackle the art sheets for this second Harlequin book, because they are detailed and require a lot of thought. If I want a good cover, I need to make sure I answer the questions correctly. And at some point this month, I have to fix the synopsis for book 2 since what I thought I was going to write and what I actually wrote don’t exactly match.


That’s no surprise to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t write from an outline. I’ve given plenty of talks about it and written plenty of blog posts about it, too. But when publishers offer contracts, they like to know what you’re going to write. So, editors ask for synopses—summaries of proposed additional books. And I wrote them. I didn’t lie. I looked at the first book I wrote that was accepted, and I created two more stories in the series, based on what characters would work and where I thought the stories would go. But then I started writing and my characters took over. My synopsis no longer matches my story. Since the story is good, I’ll change up the synopsis. I’m not the first author to do this. My editor’s been in the business long enough to expect it to happen. All is good, I’ve just created extra work for myself. But that’s how my brain functions.


In between all those tasks, I want to take advantage of things that fill my creative well. Last week a friend and I visited the Virginia Woolf exhibit at the New York Public Library. It was great, and I recommend going if you’re able.


And as usual, I’m keeping up with my marketing efforts. To that end, if you’re a reader and like giveaways, check out two that I’m participating in:



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Today, I have a fun surprise to share with you...

I’ve teamed up with 50+ fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of Steamy ContemporaryRomances to 2 lucky winners!
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Good luck and enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2023

I Had A Dream

I had a weird dream last night. That’s nothing new. I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately, ones that I vividly remember, and which make no sense. When I tell my husband about them, he tells me I’m nuts. I kind of agree with him.

But this dream was different. We’ve all had the anxiety dreams, the ones where we show up someplace unprepared. For me, it’s usually my college campus on finals day, only I don’t know where the class is located, I haven’t attended all semester, and I clearly haven’t studied. This time, I returned to one of those dreams, only I fixed the problem.


In previous dreams, I’d been assigned a project to complete. Usually, I showed up on the day it was due. This time, I had a week left, and while I still didn’t know nearly enough about the project, I’d told the teacher/professor (actually, the Princess’ high school swim coach) that I’d just complete the project by myself. She praised me for my work ethic and my manners. And then I met a bunch of people from various stages of my life who were also working on the project and offered to help me.


I have no idea what this dream means, but I’m hoping it means I’ve gotten ahold of my anxiety. And obviously, it means that manners are important!

Monday, January 9, 2023


I know I’m one of the few people who like Mondays, but even I have to say this one didn’t start as well as I hoped. Banana Girl texted me to tell me she needed to talk to me about a bunch of things later. Now, I’ve been at this Mom-game for a while, so I know that if it can wait until later, there’s no emergency. No problem.  

However, she then went on to tell me about an ant infestation IN HER SHOES.


First of all, I don’t like ants. Actually, I don’t like any bug or bug-like thing. Or rodents. So, this is not how I want to start off my Monday. I’m also very confused because I’ve never heard of ants in shoes. I suspect there are ants AROUND where she keeps her shoes. Considering how well (or NOT) her roommates clean their house, I’m surprised this is the first I’m hearing of anything. She’s also not the best at describing things, and texting isn’t the most accurate way of communicating. The last time she had an issue, she told me there was a bunny caught in the pit outside her window (her room is in the basement). The “bunny” was a vole. Anyway.


Although she easily has access to Google, she of course didn’t know what to do, which is why she was asking me. I told her to buy ant traps and to wash the area with vinegar. And to vacuum, a lot. She’ll be fine. I’m just glad I don’t have to live there.


Speaking of ants, the heroine of my upcoming book hates ants, too. I thoughts I’d share an excerpt. Enjoy!


From the surf, Fiona stared in awe as Caleb removed his shirt. For the first time, she glimpsed the black tattoos covering his shoulders, arms, chest, and upper back. He strode toward the water, powerful muscles bunching, bald head gleaming in the early evening light. He looked like a cross between a Roman god and a biker dude—awesome, powerful, and foreboding. She didn’t know whether to be intrigued or put off—she’d never been attracted to the tatted look, but Caleb pulled it off. 

She started as the water lapped her feet, pulling the sand away from her. Why did she care whether he had tattoos? He wasn’t her type. He was arrogant and high- handed, and he wanted to buy her company. Still, she couldn’t keep her gaze off him as she ignored her stomach flutters. And he had gotten rid of her ants. He swam to what had to be the middle of the ocean. Okay, maybe not the middle of the ocean, but far enough from the shore no one could get to him unless they were a strong swimmer. She suspected he’d escaped on purpose. 

She frowned as she splashed in the water and hopped the waves. 

“Is everything okay?” 

Fiona looked at Lexie, who’d splashed over to her, and nodded. “Sorry, just thinking.” About work, about your brother... 


Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2023 is healthy and filled with love. Currently, mine is filled with people. The Wilck Household has been a revolving hotel for children, pets, friends, and boyfriends. I’ve loved the full household and the bustle and the love, but I might be looking forward to checkout time tomorrow. Just a little. I think this year I will embrace my “old” status—add in a little extra cranky, and I’ll have the house to myself. Perfect!

Actually, for 2023, I’m trying something new, at least when it comes to my author life. I purchased a year planner for social media. It includes an audit of how my different platforms are doing, as well as daily tasks with a plethora of posting ideas. Hopefully, if I follow everything, I’ll see an uptick in engagement. So, if you see me post something, respond! Answer the question, post a photo, or just say hi. 


In keeping with the plan, today’s task is coming up with a word for the year. I’ve never done this before, but I know lots of people who do. Being me, however, I’m going to do this a little differently. I’m going to come up with two. My word for my professional year is “goals.” I’ve made them, and I’m going to stick to them. I hope the word will provide me with a little more focus, something I’ve lost these past few years. I also hope the word will keep me accountable, if only to myself.


In my personal life, my word for the year is going to be “space.” I’m taking up mine and not being afraid of it. I’m limiting my apologies to things I’ve actually done wrong. I’m reveling in my confidence (or at least boosting it a little). I’m too old to hide behind things or to be embarrassed by nothing. Making myself smaller to fit into a box that is of my own making ends now.


How about you? What are you doing for 2023? Do you have a word (or two) or a plan or a resolution?