Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Welcome, Anastasia Abboud!

 Jennifer, thank you for hosting me today. I love your writing, so it’s a real honor to be a guest on your blog. 

I’m very excited about Tremors Through Time. I like the main characters, Deidre and Lachlann. I’m not bragging. It’s that surreal experience I think is both common and unique to fiction writers, that of the characters writing themselves.

What I appreciate about Lachlann and Deidre is their authenticity. They are true to themselves and to others, at least as much as they can be. 

They remind of a quote from Aristotle, “One swallow does not a summer make, neither does one fine day; similarly, one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.” 

The ancient philosopher goes on to examine what does make a person happy. His concludes that honor and personal integrity -- in a word, virtue -- are essential to happiness. 

Lachlann and Deidre do their best, but they’re only human, after all. They can’t completely stifle their needs, desires, fears. All they want is to live a simple, happy life together, yet they are both aware that there are circumstances bigger than they are and that everything could change in an instant. They concentrate on doing what’s right, try to live in the moment, and hold out hope for the next. 

I believe it’s what we all should do. Of course, just as Deidre and Lachlann discover, that’s easier said than done.



She's made mistakes and paid the price, but Deidre Chisolm is no quitter. She'll never again be a fool for a man, not even her gorgeous new neighbor with his haunted eyes and strange accent. She'll be friendly, but nothing more. 


Lachlann has to go back to fourteenth-century Scotland. He can't forsake his family, his son. But when a beautiful, kind, funny lady buys the house next door, he's never been so drawn to anyone in his life. Would she believe his story? After years of struggling through nightmares and flashbacks, headaches and illiteracy, dare he ask her to help him return?


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For me, playing is the best -- playing outdoors in nature or in my garden, experimenting in the kitchen, spending time with those I love. I also enjoy disappearing into a good book, attempting crafts, learning, writing, exploring, discovering. I especially like to mix it up and have yet to perfect any of it; and I've come to realize that perfection's not the point. It's all wonderfully fun. That's the point!

​I prefer authentic and natural, be it food, lifestyle, people. I passionately enjoy both history and science, and certainly sociology to a degree, and I am most truly a romantic.

​​My husband and I have been married for over forty years. We reside near Houston, Texas, surrounded by loved ones. We have a blast with our little grandchildren.

​I thank God for this wonderful life.

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  1. Welcome to the blog and congratulations on your release!

  2. Thank you for hosting me on your beautiful blog, Jennifer!

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  4. So lovely to get to know you, Anastasia. Congrats on your upcoming book release.

    1. Susie, thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind support. Wishing you all the best!

  5. So excited for you, Anastasia! All the best, dear lady!

    1. Mary, thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement. Hugs!

  6. My characters also seem to have a will of their own! Best of luck with your book!

  7. I'm late, I'm late--and it's a very important date! Congratulations on your release today. I know you must be nervous and happy. Wish I were there to join you in a wine toast!! Good luck, my talented friend!

  8. Sounds like a great story. Best of luck with it!