Monday, June 13, 2022

Barnes & Noble Book Signing #2

Another Saturday, another Barnes & Noble event. And this one was fabulous! If you like romance, go to the Easton, PA store. They have a big romance section, and they are very romance friendly. 

The store manager contacted me and asked me to invite some of my romance author friends to join me. They wanted to make it a multi-author event. He then decided to make it even bigger by inviting additional romance authors. They were wonderful. We all enjoyed talking to each other, learning about each other’s publishing journey, and checking out the books. 


Unlike other events I’ve attended, they made a huge publicity push, creating hashtags for us to use on social media, blasting it out to their customers for a month leading up to the event, creating signage, and even offering coupons for readers once they arrived in store. It was fantastic, and I sold books. And customers came in specifically requesting our books because they’d looked them up ahead of time!


If you missed it, they’re doing it again on May 6, 2023. Mark your calendars—I personally can’t wait to go back!



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