Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Fried Oreos

Welcome to my blog! I'm so happy to have you here. Yes, I have an amazing recipe for you, which you can find here.

But first, I'd like to tell you about how it came to be my specialty dish for Hanukkah.

My husband and I went to a county fair. We've gone to several over the years, some with our kids and some without. And on one of those trips, we came across a vendor selling fried Oreos. They were amazing--decadent, delicious, and filling. We both loved them, which is kind of an amazing thing to happen since our food tastes differ drastically.

After the fair, I mentioned how I thought I could make them myself. As you'll see from the recipe, they're not hard. So I did. And, after seeing how much oil they require, I decided that they'd be the perfect addition to our Hanukkah celebrations.

You see, during Hanukkah, we eat sweet fried foods, like donuts, to commemorate the desecration of the temple and the miracle that the oil to light the lamps in the temple lasted for eight days, even though it seemed as if there wasn't enough oil to last for more than one. 

Well, a fried Oreo is similar to a donut, so it makes perfect sense that we'd eat it then. And our friends and family love it! In fact, I'm now asked to make it even during other times of the year (although I usually decline--there's only so much oil one can consume).

I hope you enjoy the recipe, which you can find here. And, if you like to read about food and other traditions, I hope you'll take a look at my contemporary romances. Many of them feature Jewish characters, they all feature witty banter, delicious food, and well-deserved happily ever afters.