Monday, November 15, 2021

Philanthropy Day

Today is Philanthropy Day, so it seems only fitting to mention my new series, The Scarred Hearts. The heroes of the four-book series are tops in their field and have more money than they know what to do with. So they form a partnership and find worthy causes to donate their money to.

In A Reckless Heart, Simon and his buddies donate to the town, purchasing land that condo developers want. Instead, with the donated money, the town is able to buy the land and build a park, including a therapy garden, which is near and dear to Simon's heart.

In Unlock My Heart (releasing March 2, 2022), Ted and his friends donate money to an inner city boys and girls club to fund their coding for kids program. This cause is special to the heroine's heart, since she learned to code in a similar type of place and it gave her a future. 

What types of causes are important to you? Please consider making a donation to them. And, if the above information interested you, click here for more information:



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