Monday, May 3, 2021

Premature Announcement

You know that feeling you get when you find out about a surprise? Maybe one of your friends or relatives slip up. Maybe you manage to figure it out on your own, piecing actions and comments together like clues to solving a mystery. But however you figure it out, you learn about the surprise. What happens next? 

Well, something similar happened to me. Whenever I have a new book release, I submit an early copy to a variety of places, including literary industry magazines, in the hopes that they’ll review it. The reviews don’t make it out into the world of the average public necessarily, but they are seen by industry professionals, and if the reviews are positive, I post them. 


Several months ago, I submitted A Reckless Heart to one of those magazines. While they didn’t tell me they were reviewing it, I saw them “reading” it on Goodreads, so I was aware I’d get a review at some point. 


Yesterday, I received an email from the magazine’s marketing department, congratulating me on receiving the highest rating possible—not given out to everyone or every book—and asking me if I’d like to pay to advertise the book. Only problem is, I still haven’t gotten the latest issue of the magazine where the review appears, nor have I been alerted to the review.


That is due to happen today.


To say I’m thrilled with the rating is an understatement. I’ve never had one of my books receive this rating, and the opportunities this rating offers me are terrific. I can’t wait to show off the review to friends and readers. And yes, I will want to pay for advertising. 


But, um, I’d really like to see the review first! 


So in the meantime, I’ll keep checking my email and the magazine website for the May edition. When I get the review, I’ll shout it from the rooftops. And then I’d advertise! J



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