Monday, May 10, 2021

I'm On A Podcast

In my continuously evolving attempt to embarrass myself promote myself, I thought I’d let you know about my appearance on a podcast, airing today. 

One of the benefits of being on my publisher’s email loop is that authors are constantly talking about what they do to promote their books. And someone, I can’t remember who, announced they had been interviewed by a person who had a book podcast. So, when I was working on marketing promo for A Reckless Heart, I emailed the woman.


Amanda Owen is one of the hosts of Books on the Mic, a relatively new podcast about books and authors. She and her co-host, Cheryl, are friendly and eager to talk to fellow authors, so when I emailed them, they responded right away and set up a date for me to talk to them. 


They sent me information ahead of time, so I could prepare, and asked me to send them information about me and my book as well. Boy, do they do their research! They found out things about me I hadn’t even mentioned—apparently, when I tell interviewers I have a blog, I should expect them to read it. Who knew? 


We did the interview over Zoom, which was actually fun because I could talk to them and see their expressions, rather than just over the phone. And, you know, it forced me to put on makeup and look like a human, which is always good for when I eventually emerge into the real world once again. 


They asked me questions I had prepared for, and questions I didn’t expect. We had a long discussion about marketing, the bane of most authors’ existence. And it was really fun. I’d totally do it again.


After they did their editing magic, they sent me a link. As I responded to Amanda, “Oh no, now I actually have to listen to myself!” But hey, now you can, too!


There’s also a rafflecopter link for a chance to win a free copy of A Reckless Heart here:


Hope you enjoy it!

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