Monday, May 17, 2021

Chocolate For Breakfast = Adulting

One of my favorite things about being an adult is that I get to eat what I want. Of course, I have to pay for it, but I like that no one is around to tell me not to eat something, or that I should eat more or less of something else. And I indulge myself with chocolate for breakfast. 

Before you become one of those people who tells me that’s not breakfast, let me tell you that my chocolate for breakfast is a muffin, or rather, a half of a muffin, so that I don’t have to pay for my food choices quite as much. Muffins are perfectly acceptable for breakfast. Since muffins are just a grown-up way of saying mini cakes, I even eat mine with a knife and fork, because like I said, I’m a grown up (and civilized).


I had been getting my muffins at my local grocery store. I have a love/hate relationship with this place. They have a very limited selection of food and brands, and that was even before Covid. Their deli guy is super creepy—it got so bad I lodged a formal complaint against him. He no longer bothers me, but I no longer shop in the deli when he’s there. The people are super friendly, though. It’s five minutes from my house. And they have really nice flowers in the spring and fall—sometimes even better than my area nurseries. Plus, they had double chocolate muffins.


Until they didn’t. 


I ran out of my supply at home and during my weekly grocery trip, looked for more. They were out. Horrors! I had to settle for peach, which is yummy but tastes terrible with orange juice and has no chocolate in it. The next week they were out as well. I bought the chocolate chip, which was okay, but there wasn’t enough chocolate.


Finally, I decided to ask the grocery guy if they were getting any more. He said they were no longer carrying them. Confident I’d misheard—we were both wearing masks, there was background noise, and my hearing is bad without those things anyway—I said, “You’re no longer carrying them?”


“That’s what I said, didn’t I?”


Okay Mr. Rude Man. You must not have been warned about me (see my issue with the deli guy above, which most definitely was not about rudeness), but I was in too much shock/chocolate withdrawal to do anything but slink away.


Now what was I supposed to eat for breakfast? It’s the most important meal of the day, isn’t it? 


This is where my local friends are all going to tell me how much they hate shopping at this store and that I should simply shop at any of the other grocery stores in the area—we have lots. And I know they’re right, but here’s the thing. I hate grocery shopping. Even before Covid, I hated doing it. I know this store and where they keep things (until the next time someone who’s never grocery shopped before decides to rearrange it—clothing in the freezer aisle, anyone?). And a five-minute drive is way more appealing than a 15 or 20-minute one.


But you’d be amazed what I’ll do for chocolate. So after trying another store’s brand and hating it—who knew double chocolate muffins could be gross and not even taste like chocolate?—I found one in a grocery store that’s 20 minutes away. It’s not ideal. I’m probably going to get tired of driving there just for muffins. But they’re really good, and I’m not yet ready to give up my “chocolate for breakfast because I’m an adult” thing.



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  1. I dont do adulting.
    I wanna keep my soul pure.
    1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, babe,
    and with my sins on the table,
    I'll have a hard enuffXgettn
    into kick-@$$-SeventhHeaven.
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    Love you.
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