Monday, February 6, 2023

Time to Take A Break

It’s February, and I’m taking the month off. Coincidentally, it’s also my birthday month, so that just makes my break more fun. But really, the two have nothing to do with each other.

I finished the first draft of my second Harlequin manuscript and sent it off to my agent to read. Instead of moving right into the third book, I’m taking a step back and breathing. I’ve got my timeline set up with what’s due when, and I can still make my official deadline of May 1 even without doing anything during February. 


It doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing this month. I’m just doing different things. I have a manuscript that I started at the suggestion of the Princess, and I’m playing around with that this month. It’s fun because there’s no pressure on me. I’m starting to tackle the art sheets for this second Harlequin book, because they are detailed and require a lot of thought. If I want a good cover, I need to make sure I answer the questions correctly. And at some point this month, I have to fix the synopsis for book 2 since what I thought I was going to write and what I actually wrote don’t exactly match.


That’s no surprise to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t write from an outline. I’ve given plenty of talks about it and written plenty of blog posts about it, too. But when publishers offer contracts, they like to know what you’re going to write. So, editors ask for synopses—summaries of proposed additional books. And I wrote them. I didn’t lie. I looked at the first book I wrote that was accepted, and I created two more stories in the series, based on what characters would work and where I thought the stories would go. But then I started writing and my characters took over. My synopsis no longer matches my story. Since the story is good, I’ll change up the synopsis. I’m not the first author to do this. My editor’s been in the business long enough to expect it to happen. All is good, I’ve just created extra work for myself. But that’s how my brain functions.


In between all those tasks, I want to take advantage of things that fill my creative well. Last week a friend and I visited the Virginia Woolf exhibit at the New York Public Library. It was great, and I recommend going if you’re able.


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