Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Welcome, LB Griffin

 The Twenty-One-Year Contract
Only a simple shoebox, but with life-changing secrets…
The Twenty-One-Year Contract
Kathleen Gray—talented, a little wild, at times rebellious, but always popular—has a fun, easy life in rural Somerset, with a doting family. 
Suddenly, they are gone, everything is changed, and she has only Uncle Jack. Try as he might, he cannot be father and mother to her—he has a business to run and his own life to manage.
Kathleen takes a chance and becomes Kate Westfield, fending for herself in London, with a new life built on her hopes and dreams and new friends. She could hardly have imagined that one of those friends has a shoebox full of answers.
20th Century fiction>romance>mystery>suspense>drama>thriller
The Twenty-One-Year Contract was inspired by a whole host of people I’ve been fortunate to know, teach, and work with over the years. My stories are based on courage and survival. The people I met don’t think or see themselves as courageous or survivors, but they sure are. 
SNIPPET FROM The Twenty-One-Year Contract 
‘After a glass of water, Jack made himself a cup of tea and returned to the job in hand. This was going to be much harder than he could ever have imagined. Working deep through the night, Jack methodically sifted through volumes of paperwork until light inched its way through the curtain. Though he felt thoroughly ready for bed, he continued searching, his aim to find at least a smidgen of information about his niece. Randomly tidying up as he went, Jack noticed an encyclopaedia oddly extended over one of the top shelves. He tried pushing it back into place. It was jammed. It looked awkward. Pulling it out to check the depth of the book, he found a box file hidden behind. Upon the side panel was one word, capitalized in thick bold lettering: KATHLEEN As the hazy sunlight grew, puzzled, Jack pulled the curtains to lend natural light, took the file off the shelf, sat back in Henry’s chair, and looked inside…’
A bit about the author:
There is one thing that LB Griffin loves more than writing, or travelling, and that is her family. She is happily married and lives in the UK surrounded by her family. She loves a good cup of tea and British strawberries, but always enjoy a glass of fizz. She has always worked around the full-time job to help to pay the bills. She held a variety of jobs which she believes has informed her characters honesty. She has worked in school kitchens, been a cleaner and bar work, was a secretary, social worker and Lecturer. When she submitted her debut Secrets, Shame and a Shoebox in 2020 she was planning to ‘trek’ the world. Her debut was released in 2021. The sequel, The Twenty-One-Year contract will be released late Spring 2022. Both books are standalone, but if you love Harriet, she will most definitely pop up in the Sequel. 


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