Monday, May 23, 2022

Barnes & Noble Book Signing

I attended my first in-person book signing at Barnes & Noble over the weekend. My first in more than two years, I should add. Because, you know, COVID. I’ve been to a few outdoor festivals, but this was in an actual bookstore, with real readers, whose sole purpose was to buy books. It was a great signing for multiple reasons. 


1.     It let me get my feet wet after two years of embracing my introverted self. And it helped me overcome my anxiety of being social around people and talking about my books.

2.     It let me practice talking to readers and engaging them in conversations about books.

3.     It also let me practice all the other “Hi, I’m a romance author” actions necessary for participating in a book signing.

4.     I met the Barnes & Noble store managers. That’s key when you are an author and want to set up book signings in the future.

5.     Bonus: I met a radio personality!


And after two years of staying in my house, I needed the practice. Plus, I spent the afternoon with my critique partner and fellow author, who is always fun to be around. And, the Princess joined us, and gave us some much-needed feedback from a key demographic.


I’ll be at several other book signings this summer. Next up is the Morris County Authors event on June 4. In the meantime, I have branding and social media work to do. Plus writing, of course. Because this is a process that never ends!


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