Monday, July 5, 2021

Please Help

 If you’ve read my blogs, you know I rarely ask for help. Well, today, I’m asking.


The toughest part of being an author is getting discovered. Marketing is hard. What works for one book, doesn’t work for the next. What works for me, doesn’t work for someone else. Books I completely leave alone sell lots, books I market do nothing. And then everything changes. 


But the one thing that helps, no matter what else happens, is a book review. I’m not talking about a New York Times-style one, although I’d probably sell my kids if I could get one. I’m talking about reader reviews. And before you stop reading, let me explain.


Reviews are simple. “This was a memorable book.” “My favorite part was when character X did Y.” “It was okay, but I wasn’t thrilled with Z.” One sentence, but you’d be surprised by how much that one sentence helps an author. 


The more reviews on Amazon, the more Amazon helps the author—for FREE! Come on, we all want to help Jeff Bezos spend his money, right?


It doesn’t even have to be a sentence. It can be a star rating. Those count. 


The magic Amazon number appears to be 50. When a book hits 50 reviews, the algorithms kick in, and Amazon starts promoting my book for me, which would be a huge help.


So, this is what I’m asking of you. Have you read Addicted to Love? It is the first book in my Serendipity Series. I know a lot of people have read it based on my sales numbers. But there are only twelve reviews on Amazon. If you’ve read it, would you consider leaving a review? Here is the link you click:

Then click on the "12 ratings" next to the stars and on the left is a button "write a customer review."


It’s not nearly as scary as it seems, and if you leave a review, let me know and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Seriously. That’s how important reviews are. You can let me know in the comments on this blog and I’ll be announcing the winner on my Facebook author page on July 16.


I hope you’ll consider doing this. It would really help. Thank you!




  1. I can't ignore an author in need of help! I left a 5 star review (very brief) for your book, Jennifer. (It's under NCV as the reviewer). I feel exactly as you do about the difficulties in marketing & selling our books - it's more so than the very hard work of writing them. At least writing gives me pleasure most of the time - but I hate the marketing ALL the time! You don't have to enter me in the contest- but here's my WRP book on Amazon: Thanks so very much, & I hope you get lots of reviews! - Christine Samuelson

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to review. Of COURSE I'll enter you! I appreciate it!