Friday, February 5, 2021

Welcome, Jayne York

 Jennifer, thanks so much for hosting me. The support of dedicated authors and bloggers like you is valued and appreciated. You're a godsend.

You asked me to write a short bit about what inspired me to write Midnight Acquisition. I've got to tell you it's a story that's been brewing in my imagination for quite some time. In my 45 year career as a jeweler, tales of misidentified gems are rampant. There's Grandma's topaz that turned out to be a yellow beryl, Aunt Hattie's black coral beads that were actually Bakelite, and a million more. Perhaps the most poignant are those stories of inherited jewels that encompass the heart of their family.

"Midnight Acquisition" tells the story of just such a stone. But more than that, it tells the story of those people surrounding a fabulous, mysterious piece of history and the extraordinary lengths they'll go to possess it. The story's crux involves the emotional entanglement of two people separated by class and moral code—the thief and the good girl. Their longtime attraction explodes back to reality when he is forced to use her as the easiest route to the jewel or face death at the hands of a sadistic madman. 

There's sizzling chemistry, fast-paced action, and intrigue—something for everyone.

Take a chance, take an adventure. You won't be disappointed!

I can't resist the call of a great story. As the child of a world-class machinist and a frustrated artist, I learned early on the joy of creating handcrafted jewelry. Each piece, like every customer, has its own tale to tell. You'll find them, collected like pearls in a strand, inside my steamy contemporary romance and edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense novels. Like my one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, the heroines in my books are rare, desirable and priceless. Their hearts can only be won by sexy, formidable heroes. ~*~ Find me online at:





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Juliette Rochambeau was heartbroken when the boy she loved ran from South Carolina. Fifteen years later, she returns to her hometown to appraise her family's historic gem-encrusted necklace. Becket Ford is a thief whose regret over leaving Juliette behind tears at his heart. His remorse, however, must take a back seat when a sadistic puppet master forces him to use their connection to steal the necklace or die trying. As they both vie for possession of the priceless jewels, lingering desire and emotion from years ago explode back to life. But escaping a madman and finding a future free of their past may just be a fantasy…



"Hello, Jules." His lips quirked up, and she took a hesitant step toward him as if he'd pulled on an invisible thread. A swarm of bees erupted in her chest. He stood, and she couldn't help herself; she took him in from hair to soft leather loafers. Their gazes locked. His startling gray eyes should have been cool given the color, but the emotion swimming in their depths held her fixed in place. Riveted. The silvery center rimmed in a blue so dark it was nearly black, and thick lashes, a lush sable brown like the roots of his hair. This Beck was as familiar as home and at the same time different as night from day. Gone was the boyish promise of good looks, and in its place, a devastatingly handsome man. The shoulders she used to love were broader, his waist honed. The flat stomach she'd caressed with curious, questing fingers was now an impressive six-pack of muscle revealed by the cling of his T-shirt. His chest, when he drew in a deep breath, strained the white fabric. Her body seemed to disconnect from her mind, and the power of speech deserted her. When she finally mustered the wherewithal to reply, her voice resembled the grate of a rusty screen door. "What are you doing here?" She cleared her throat. "I mean, hello yourself. I didn't know you were back in Charleston." She fought the urge to sling herself across the distance and jump into his arms. Her fists clenched to drag back control. Pull yourself together, Juliette. He trashed your stupid heart and didn't think twice.



  1. Sound intriguing. I think I have such a piece. It was my mom's sweet sixteen ring. If it's real the stone is huge. But I dont think it is. I haven't had it appraised because I'd have to tell her the truth. Ignorance is bliss at this point and we'll just talk about it as a family heirloom for now. Good Luck with your book. 🦉

  2. Sounds like a great read, and I love the cover! Best of luck with it!

  3. Oh! I loved reading about the inspiration behind your story. All the best, Jayne! :)