Monday, February 15, 2021

Orange Is My New Favorite Color

I don’t like the color orange. If you’ve seen my skin tone, you’ll probably understand why. When people push me miles beyond my limits, the knowledge that I don’t look good in orange is sometimes the only thing that prevents me from committing murder.

 But I’m chasing orange.


My book, Learning to Love, is on sale for 99 cents. I paid for a few advertisements and announcements, and suddenly, this little book that has sat in the thousands for most of it’s time, rose in the Amazon ranks. It was like the Little Engine That Could, steadily climbing. And when I looked at the rankings last night, it was #19 in Jewish Literature. And less than 1,000 in contemporary romance.


Me, who literally about 10 people know, had a book that was climbing the Amazon ranks. So of course, I went nuts. And asked everyone I knew to help it keep going. Because if it hits #1 it gets a “Best Seller” orange banner—see, now you know why I suddenly like orange.


Well, it hasn’t hit #1, but it did hit #9 for a brief time, which is also amazing! So if you’re one of the people who helped it shoot toward the top, THANK YOU! And if you were thinking about buying it, now is the perfect time—seriously, what else can you buy for 99 cents that will give you a couple of hours of laughs and happiness? I dare you to tell me. J

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