Monday, April 17, 2023

The End of the Empty Nest

It’s my last full week of an empty nest. My youngest graduates from college in 10 days. After that, she’s coming home to live here while she works in New York City. It’ll be a temporary move, until she can find an apartment. But until that time, my husband and I will once again have a kid living under our roof.

I’m not upset. I miss both my girls when they’re away, and I’m thrilled she’ll be coming back home for a while. But it will be an adjustment having another body in the house. I’m still getting used to the quirks of having my husband working from home full time. And while Banana Girl will be employed in a hybrid situation, I suspect my working areas will be limited somewhat due to our working styles.


Eating will also change, as she has a much more creative palate than we do. It makes lunches fun, since she’s constantly suggesting food I never would make or order myself but am happy to share when she’s willing. And I’m not going to argue about having an extra “honey” for my “honey-do” list—Oh, you’re going to the dry cleaner? Great, can you take my stuff, too?


So, this week I’m focusing on getting all my work done ahead of time, meeting my deadlines, and preparing for her “college junk invasion.” 


One of the things I’m looking ahead to is my book signing at Barnes & Noble in Easton, PA. I’ll be there on May 6 from 11-4 with several other romance authors. We’ll talk about our books, sign them, and lead panels on topics of interest to readers and writers. I’d love you to stop by—it’s a great way to prepare for the reading mothers in your lives!

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