Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice! What are you doing for this longest day of the year? Mondays are usually my most productive day of the week. After a weekend where I try to alter my regular routine, I’m itching to get back to normal. So I take care of my marketing, write my blog posts (!), write or edit my current works-in-progress, and clean up around the house. But today might be a little different.

For one thing, we had a busy weekend, one of our busiest since the pandemic hit. We finally had houseguests, friends from college who were in for a family event. They stayed with us, and it was so much fun catching up, hanging out, and being around people who aren’t related to us. 


The Princess came in for a whirlwind surprise 24 hours, coinciding with Father’s Day. So there was lots of laughter and talking and enjoying her presence.


And of course, it was Father’s Day. We went for a morning hike to see a beautiful gorge and series of waterfalls. Sighting a snake was an “added bonus” and one that shortened our time in the woods considerably. Then we had my parents over for a BBQ, which is always fun.


So I think today I’ll take things a little slower. Not that I’m too tired to get work done, but I don’t feel the need to madly rush around to fit everything into one day. We packed so much into one weekend that if something slips until tomorrow, that’s okay. 


Besides, we made so many great memories this weekend, I think I’m going to spend this longest day of the year relishing them just a little longer.