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Welcome Mia Lansford

Mia and I have known each other for years. You need to get to know her too!
Waves hello to anybody reading this, and I’m sending a big—but slightly crooked—hug to Jennifer for having me as a guest on her blog today.

During the holiday season I rewatched The Man Who Invented Christmas. It’s about Charles Dickens’ finding the idea and the funds and the sacrifices he endured to write his popular book A Christmas Carol. In the movie he goes out into the town to find his inspiration amongst the townspeople. I love that movie and could talk about it for hours.

Not now though, because I’m talking about my inspiration. It’s similar to Mr. Dickens process, at least the Dickens portrayed by Dan Stevens.  

I write contemporary romance and have one book out in the wild and another about to be released. Both of them are set in New York City, and both of them have disabled characters. For this series, inspiration comes from people who are doing the impossible. Like Walt Disney said it is kinda fun to do the impossible. Seeing a painting created by a painter who uses their feet because they have no hands is inspiring. Or attending a performance and the performer is deaf. Or attending a sporting event and the athlete has a disability.  These people motivate me to create a world where the focus is on their ability to do.

If it’s not obvious, I am disabled too and over the years I have done plenty of things deemed impossible for me to do. Recently I drove to an out-of-state vacation destination and on the way, I stopped for gas. The driver in the car next to me mouthed “OMG! She drove!” so clearly it was almost comical. And so fun to fold back into my car and drive away. To show what the disabled are able to do is probably my catnip. 

As I mentioned, for this series the above inspired me to write stories focusing on people’s abilities rather than their disabilities. This new series has nothing to do about abilities and everything to do with their job and where they work.

Sorry but that’s all I’m giving away about that series until I know what I’m doing with it. 

The point, my inspiration is found through the people I meet or see while I am doing the everyday task of living. What they are doing with their lives and whom they allow in their world. Since I write romance, I’m also inspired by people who do for others. The soft heart and capable of understanding especially for a male character is a winner in my book. And speaking of my books thank you for reading about what inspires me and I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming release, It’s Gonna Be Real.  

Bio: MIA LANSFORD is an own voice and diverse author who writes about the disabled and the men or women able to love them. She lives with her family and adventurous beagle. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually learning a new crochet stitch and using said new stitch in her latest project.


With Reese on his right, the ear he had zero hearing in, he knew there was no danger of her spotting his aide. Still, he was annoyed with himself. After months of perfecting an aloof and distant air in the theater community, he was blowing it in one afternoon. On one woman!
            Aw, hell. This was getting complicated.
“When is lunch with your dad?” And personal.
He offered a sheepish shrug before nodding once. She crossed her arms at the same time as she crossed her long legs, drawing attention to her delicious body. His mouth went dry from the view. Giving himself a mental shake, he forced his gaze off her legs and onto her lips, which had formed a pretty pout and were not helping his libido. Unfortunately, he’d have to deal with it, because the only way to continue a conversation with her on his deaf side was to read Reese’s lips. 
“Umm, the rules apply for you too,” she informed him.
Swallowing hard, he nodded before murmuring, “Touché.”
“I’ll only answer if you tell me: boxers or briefs?” she replied.
“With how often you ask questions, you shouldn’t be encouraging said rules.”
“Mmmm, I think I should. This is too much fun.”
Fine. She wanted to play? Game on. He cocked his head and raised his eyebrow slightly. And waited. Reese wasn’t stupid. She’d catch his meaning soon. 
Her adorable mouth opened and her eyes widened. Yep. She understood. Her deep intake of breath caused him to laugh.
“Okay fine. I asked for it. Not that I believe you’re commando.”
He shrugged, refusing to deny or confirm anything. “You’re fishing.”
“Can you blame me? Rhetorical questions do not count,” she said admonishing him with a glare. 
Amused, he nodded his acquiescence.
“When is the lunch, Reese?”  
“Any minute now,” she replied, sucking in her breath. Her tone sounded…gloomy? From the sadness in her eyes and tight smile, he’d guessed she wanted to see her dad but she also wanted his approval. Alessio swallowed, resisting the ache in his chest to pull her close. 
Didn’t matter because he couldn’t help her. The cast would be performing while she talked to her dad. And after the negative publicity from the other night, they could use a successful performance.  
“You shouldn’t go alone. When Alec gets here, ask him to go. I’m sure Mary won’t mind.” He didn’t have a clue if Mary would mind. He barely knew her.
“No, Mary wouldn’t. But I would mind asking for a loan in front of Alec. If my dad turned me down… Well, I know Alec. He’d offer to help.” 
If she took money from Alec, she’d no longer feel like an equal partner, especially since the brothers’ owned the building. 
“I get it,” he replied. 
With the conversation turning too personal, he slouched on the bench and crossed his legs at the ankles. Silence reigned between them while they each were lost in their thoughts. Later, he would realize how comfortable he was sitting next to Reese without doing much else.  
While Alessio sat there, he mentally reviewed the business plan he had seen for RAM Café. A cozy and casual café serving organic teas and coffees and foods, sounded like a solid business, especially in New York City. But what about someone like Mr. Kelley, who hadn’t seen the plan and wanted something safer for his daughter’s future? Would he dismiss the venture? Or worse, would he deny the loan and leave Reese feeling alone and abandoned by her family? Alessio clenched his teeth, not liking that outcome for anyone after what his mother did to him.
            “And…there’s my dad.” She tilted her head and pointed.
            After everything he heard about Mr. Kelley, Alessio couldn’t help feeling protective over Reese. He looked in the direction of the restaurant’s outdoor tables. If she meant the lanky guy with gray hair who wouldn’t stop pacing, Alessio could understand her defeat. From here, his attitude radiated annoyance, impatience, and fear. His hand in his pockets shook hard enough to see from this distance. Speechless, Alessio’s gaze slid back to Reese. 
            Rubbing the inner part of her arm, she stood. “I better go meet him before he calls. Break a leg, Alessio.”
            Knowing she was putting on a brave face for his sake, Alessio waved a goodbye. 
            “Reese.” She stopped walking and glanced over her shoulder. Why the hell did he stop her? Groping for any reason other than the truth, he said, “After, come find Alec and tell him about the lunch. He’d want to know.”
            “Alec, huh?” she teased, her smile turning flirty.
Yeah, okay fine, he wanted to know. Perhaps she wasn’t the only curious cat. Refusing to show her teasing bothered him, he slouched further and cupped his hands behind his head.
“Hey, Alessio,” she said motioning to his waistline. “I like your black boxers.”
His eyes dropped to his stomach and the edge of exposed underwear. 
“There’s a penalty for lies,” she hollered, her tone mischievous.
You bet there is, honey.
“Looking forward to it.” He smiled cockily and raised his eyebrows to her challenge. 
And he knew without a doubt he wasn’t lying. Which was either the craziest mistake his cautious ass could ever make, or the most brazen truth he’d ever spoken. He swallowed hard, knowing it was a combination of both.  

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  1. Thanks for visiting me today, Mia. And best of luck with your book!

    1. Thanks for having me and all the support you’ve given me with this release and my debut.

    2. Love her books. Hope RAM Cafe3 is in the works!

  2. A lovely post, Mia. Best of luck with both books!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words.

  3. Great to see an inclusive book in the romance genre. Best of luck with your release.

    1. Fingers crossed there will be more. Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to celebrate with me.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Mia. Recently transplanted from NYC I'm hungry for anything set there.

    1. Love NYC. Although not so much when I have to bundle myself up from the wind. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Loved the book! So vivid, so real, so honest. I was transported. Love when THAT happens...Awaiting your next one! OXOXOX