Monday, January 20, 2020

Sorority Rush

We survived sorority rush.

I say “we,” because even though Banana Girl was the one who went through it, the rest of the family was intimately involved with the stress, the wondering and the strategizing during the two-week process.

I’m glad it’s over. I’ve never been a fan of the process, although things are much different now than when I was in college. The Princess has benefitted in many ways by being a sorority sister, and I expect Banana Girl to do the same.

I’m proud of her, for sticking to who she is and not trying to bend into a pretzel in order to fit in somewhere. She went with her gut, which never fails her. She over-strategized, but don’t we all? And in the end, she’s part of a sorority that wants her for her, that wants her to be her genuine self, and that wants her to be comfortable.

It’s all I, as her mom, could ask for. And the happiness in her voice when she talked to us makes the two weeks of stress worth it. I think.

But I’m very glad we never have to go through this again.  

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