Monday, August 24, 2015

What I Learned During My Summer Vacation

School starts next week (band camp has already started), which means summer is at an end. I’ve spent a lot of my summer thinking—a LOT—about all different things, and here are some I’ve learned:

     1)   Vacations with just my husband are the best, especially once you reach the point where you’re no     longer thinking, “The kids would love this.”
     2)   Time away from my children makes me a better mom.
     3)   Most of the things I worry about—bears, terrorists, injuries—never, ever happen.
     4)   I’m still going to worry about them, but injecting humor makes it more bearable.
     5)   Learning to write anytime, anywhere, is an essential skill. Now if only I could apply the same skill to sleeping.
     6)   Although I’m not a morning person, if I can make it to the first hill on my walk, the brain chemicals kick in and the day is off to a much better start.
     7)   Taking a break from things that stress me out makes me a nicer person.
     8)   Staying holed up in my house focusing on writing makes me very productive, but remembering to see my friends helps me refill my well.
     9)   There is nothing better than watching your two children reunite after 7 weeks apart.
    10)  Taking the summer off from TV is not a bad thing.

What did you learn?


  1. I am still in the "my kids would love this" phase. Can't imagine what it will be like when I am not. :)