Monday, December 8, 2014

My Fan Girl Moment

If you could make a list of people you’d like to get to know, who would be on it? Famous people? Religious people? Movie stars?  Historical figures?

Okay, now let’s take that list and make it a little more realistic. Most people’s lists have famous dead people on it. Cross them off—it’s not happening. Most people’s lists also have people so high in the stratosphere they don’t breathe the same air as we do. Cross them off too—no fainting while reading my blog.

Now, let’s take the list and put people on it who we truly admire, who we’d love to meet, who are our “favorites” in a particular field. So, if you’re a doctor, maybe it’s a medical professional who is your hero. Or it’s the person who donated blood and saved your life. Or it’s your favorite musical group or singer.

Or maybe it’s your favorite author.

I’m having a fan girl moment right now. Because I’m going to “meet” my favorite author.

I was recently asked to join Script Chics, a group blog and Facebook group where the three of us talk about all things writing-related. We talk about craft, we talk about books we’ve read or are writing and we talk about coffee (or in my case, chocolate). We have “Guest chics” who we help promote and who join in the fun. We also have guest authors whose books we read and review and discuss with the author. It’s kind of like The View or The Talk, but online and, well, less famous at this point.

I was asked to make a wish list of authors I’d love to have as a guest. They told me to aim high, think big and dream a little. So I did. And I thought immediately of my favorite romance author.

Although I write contemporary romance, I love to read historical and time travel romance, and this author writes some of the best I’ve ever read. She hates “Fabio covers” and unlike my books, her sex is behind closed doors (you know it’s happening but you don’t “see it”). Her stories take place in Scotland in the fourteen hundreds and they are the perfect escape when things around here get ridiculous. Although we are very different writers, reading her books inspired me to write my own.

So I decided to invite her. Now, keep in mind she’s a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She doesn’t need to build an audience, she has an audience. She makes a living from her books. She puts out two books a year and raises a family, so her time is pretty valuable.

She said yes!

I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to be able to have a conversation with her, as well as to introduce the other Script Chics to her books. We haven’t announced her officially yet, but when we do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, I’m squealing!

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