Monday, December 1, 2014

Finding My Muse

I’m back in the writing groove and it feels great! I’d had to take a lot of time off to deal with some other things, like a huge auction fundraiser that sapped every ounce of strength and creativity that I had. I’m still recovering, but it’s better. For a week or so afterwards, I was completely numb. I knew I wanted to write, and that I had to write (deadlines don’t exactly just disappear), but I couldn’t.

Now I’m back, and the possibilities are awesome!

Last week I actually sat down and wrote for stretches at a time. Writing is like a exercising a muscle. When I’m gone for a long period of time, I have to start out slowly. So I did, and I wrote about 500 words a day. It was just enough to pique my interest and make me want to write more.

It was also enough to make me realize all the writing opportunities I have coming up that I can actually enjoy. So, want to know what I’ll be doing (of course you do!)?

  • I’m finally getting to edits from my critique partners for my “lawnmower book.” Okay, it’s not actually a lawnmower book. It’s a romance that I’ve been working on for a while, completely separate from my Jewish series. But my daughter was reading over my shoulder one day and I happened to be working on a scene where the hero is mowing the lawn (thank goodness it was THAT scene and not some other choice ones). She has now decided that I’m writing a book about a lawnmower in love.  Sure babe, whatever you think.
  • I’m actually making progress on book 3 of my Jewish series. The hero and heroine meet during a speed-dating event. I got to witness one in NYC last weekend and it’s a lot of fun putting it into the book. That’s the manuscript I wrote the 500 words a day on—I need to step up my word count, but it’s coming along nicely, and I’m starting to like the characters.
  • I’m a Script Chic! My online friends started a blog and Facebook page and invited me to join them. I’m the one with the hair bow in their graphic and I’m the designated chocolate lover of the group. Anyway, this month I have all kinds of fun things planned, as does the rest of the group, so be sure to stop by—it’s a great way to meet lots of fun people (we don’t only talk about writing—see my chocolate comment above).
  • I’m all over Twitter. There are all kinds of blog sharing opportunities on Twitter and I’m participating in a bunch of them. Follow me if you’d like.
  • Oh, and Rebel Ink Press is rereleasing Skin Deep in March, so I’m looking forward to getting to work on a new cover. I’ll be updating my Facebook page, so check it out.

I think that’s all. It’s so nice to have so many things to work on. I’ll keep you updated!

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