Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Rerelease

No time for a long post, but I wanted to announce that my first book, A Heart of Little Faith, was just rereleased by my current publisher (I got the rights back from my old publisher), Rebel Ink Press. It's got a beautiful new cover and received some editing help.


Lily Livingston is a widow raising her six-year-old daughter, Claire, in New York City. Devastated by her husband’s death three years ago, she’s in no hurry to fall in love again. Besides, trying to balance her career with motherhood leaves her little time for romance.

With a wheelchair instead of a white horse, and a vow against falling in love again as his armor, Gideon Stone is the last person Lily expects to sweep her off her feet. But when a business agreement forces the two of them together, that is exactly what happens.

As they navigate the minefield that fast represents their relationship, can either of them overcome the obstacles to find true happiness in each other’s arms? The answer is yes, but the bumps along the way demonstrate that neither of them can go it alone.

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