Thursday, October 17, 2013

Welcome, Michelle Lowhorn!

I'd like to welcome fellow Rebel author, Michelle Lowhorn to my blog today. She's a brand new author and I'm so happy to have her join me here!


 I’ve always said that I’ve got the two best jobs in the world, mother and teacher.  Now I can add a third, romance author.  Becoming a published writer is a dream come true.  I’m so grateful that Rebel Ink Press is taking a chance on me and publishing my work.  Schooled Book 1 in The Teacher Series is being released today and I’m feeling both excited and nervous.  I’m thrilled that something I’ve dreamed about for most of my life will finally happen.  And anytime you take a chance, you can’t help but worry.
   When I decided to actually write a book, I decided to write about what I know.  I’ve read hundreds of romance novels in all different genres, so I must be an expert about romance.  Right?  Since I’m a full time elementary teacher, it just seemed natural to write a series about teachers.  Oh and I added suspense and my dry sense of humor into the mix. 
    My husband, Randy, and I live in Texas with our two teenagers, Jessie & Nate.  Since I’m very familiar with the towns around Fort Worth, I decided to use them for the backdrop of my series. 
    Voila, The Teacher Series was created!
    Then came the difficult part, I sent the first and second book to the publisher.  I prepared myself for rejection and checked my email a hundred times a day.  One week later, Rebel Ink Press sent me the dreaded email.  Before I clicked the button, I told myself that it didn’t matter if they liked the books or not.  It was in the morning when I opened the email.  Once I realized they were offering me a contract, I started yelling as I ran around the house.
    Since that morning, I’ve learned so much.  I really had no idea what the process entailed.  I guess I thought that I wrote the book and the publisher did everything else.  Boy was I wrong!  Even though the last couple of months have been stressful, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. 
    I’m so blessed to see my dream come true.

Here’s the blurb.

Feisty fourth grade teacher Emmelynne Johnson is fiercely independent and has a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush.  While hiking at an area national park, she finds herself lost and alone.  Just when she thinks she’s found her way, she unknowingly witnesses a brutal murder sanctioned by a local crime boss.
Colt Christianson, homicide detective for the Fort Worth Police Department, is known for his dedication and willingness to do whatever necessary to solve crimes.  Still grieving for his late partner, Colt is called to investigate a murder that has connections to his partner’s death.
When the killers attempt to silence the only witness, the detective switches roles to become her protector.  Together they’ll be forced to fight two battles, one against the killers and one against their burgeoning mutual attraction.

Here’s the excerpt.

“This is my police car, not my personal vehicle.  I spend a lot of time in this car and I end up eating most of my meals sitting in this very seat.  I don’t know the last time it was washed because it isn’t my job to wash the car.  I solve crimes for a living.  I’m not in charge of maintenance.  If it would make you feel better, I can ask my superior for the name of the person who’s responsible for the upkeep on the vehicles.  Maybe you can chew him out.”
“I certainly doubt the city would pay for a worker who only washed cars.  That would be a complete waste of public funds.  My guess is the rest of the police force takes pride in their vehicles and cleans them out once in a while.  Based on the condition of your car, I’m not confident you’re competent to solve this crime.”  Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she turned to the front of the car and ignored the detective.
Taking a deep breath, he dropped it in gear and backed out of the drive.  “My car may not win any beauty pageants, but it’s comfortable and functional.  That’s all that matters.  Would you please give me the address of where I can drop you?  I hope it’s close by.”
Now she’d done it.  For some unknown reason, she always rubbed people the wrong way.  She really didn’t try to piss people off but she just couldn’t control what flew out of her mouth.
 “They warned me that you were a handful but I had no idea,” the detective commented a short time later.  “And here’s a thought, how on earth can you be a teacher when your vocabulary would make a sailor blush?”

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  1. Hi Michelle! It's wonderful to open the "dreaded" email and find out it's not dreaded after all! Congrats on joining the Rebel family and your new release! I wish you many sales!! :)

    Hi Jennifer! I love the colors and new header for your blog! Your new "home" is beautiful! :)


    1. Thanks Jane. I can't wait to come hang out with you in a few days!

      Thank you, Jennifer, for letting me stop by today!

  2. Hi Jane, thanks so much! Now everything matches my new website. :)