Monday, November 9, 2020


 There’s too much going on in the world for me to talk about it on my blog. So, instead, I’m going to give an update on my writing world.

Writing during a pandemic and an election year and 2020 has been tough for me. My attention span could probably compare to that of a flea, only I’m not really sure who’d win. To combat that, I write or edit in short bursts and try to take comfort in the fact that at least I’m getting words on the page. I boil everything down to twenty-minute intervals, or editing one chapter, and congratulate myself when I do that one small thing. Sometimes I continue from there—another twenty minutes, an additional chapter. Other times, I color. J


But, I do have several projects going on simultaneously.


I’ve started the second book I’m writing for the multi-author anthology, Ticket to True Love. The first book, Whispers in Washington, came out at the end of September, and it was my most successful launch to date. Thanks to any of you who helped to make that happen. The next book, tentatively titled, Better Together in Boston (they gave me the letter B this time, so I claimed Boston), is also Jewish, and focuses on Naomi’s friend Anna. I’ve written the first draft and now I’m doing major editing—that’s necessary when you change the plot focus halfway through your first draft. J Right now, it’s in shambles, but I hope to send it off to an editor in December. It’s due to publish in May—the day before my daughter’s college graduation. Gulp.


I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for a four-book contemporary romance series (not Jewish). I don’t have a series title yet—well, I do, but it’s awful, so I’m still working on that—but the first book is titled, A Reckless Heart. I just turned in to my editor what I hope are final edits. Next step is to get copy edits back and hopefully a cover. The cover is definitely the most fun part of everything. After that, I’ll get a release date. In the meantime, my critique group is helping me with the second book in that series (all of them are written already).


I’m also working on a super secret project, which I won’t talk about, except to tease you a little here. It might work out, it might not, but it’s exciting, and I’ll be sure to share if and when I get the green light.


I'm always marketing, of course, and right now, I'm focusing on reminding people about my Hanukkah novella, Waiting for a Miracle. Because everyone is looking forward to the holidays. 

Wishing you all peace and health as we move ahead, day by day.


  1. I enjoyed the Hanukkah novella, Jennifer. Good luck with all your projects! I'm finding it's helping me to keep busy writing during the pandemic.