Monday, November 30, 2020

Full House

The girls are home and once again, we’re a full house. Four of us working from home. Four of us eating. Four of us using way more dishes and utensils than necessary. Four of us on completely different sleep/awake cycles. Four of us trying not to breathe on each other as we enter and exit quarantine at different times.

 But somehow, we’re making it work. 


The girls are finishing up their classes, preparing for finals, and making their schedules for next semester.


Michael is continuing to work from home, as he’s done since March. He still gets the multiple monitors, the office with the door, and the “understood” do-not-disturb.


I’m finishing up two manuscripts by the end of the year, sending another out on spec, and continuing random edits on things in the pipeline. My lack of door is improved by my claim to the couch. Thus, I have the most comfortable work environment.


Although it’s just the four of us during the holiday season, it’s still noisy and bustling. There’s still lots of cooking and baking going on. Movie nights, fire pit and game nights are once again happening—or will as soon as we are assured no one will give anyone else the plague (we’re almost there, but I don’t want to jinx it).


And somehow, we’ve come to terms with the new normal. We appreciate alone-time more, revel in family time in small bursts (because, you know, there are four of us, and one of us is always driving the other three crazy), and are learning to navigate our way through an odd time in history.


It’s not what we’d choose, but we’re making the best of it. And so far, it’s working out fine.

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