Monday, March 5, 2018


My friend and I went to a meditation presentation a couple of weeks ago. It’s been a really stressful 2018 so far, on top of a fairly stressful 2017, and I figured since everyone is talking about the benefits, I might as well try it. It was interesting and offered a variety of quick relaxation techniques to use when stressed.

Well, I’m stressed now and not using any of them. My house is 46 degrees, I’m typing with gloves, and waiting for some random company to come with a generator to start pumping the water out of my basement so they can remove the rug to prevent mold. Notice I said, “start.” Because until the power comes back on fully, the sump pump won’t work and my basement is just going to refill with water. But hey, no big deal. I’m just going to massage my hands at the pressure points.

We’re staying with my parents who live in the next town over. They’re great and happy to have us. More importantly, they have heat and electricity, so even if they weren’t great, I’m pretty sure we’d be there anyway. We’re not picky.

The dog however, is, and she can’t figure out why the heck we’re all there. I put her in the car and as soon as she saw we weren’t going to the vet, she was psyched. We arrived at my parents and she assumed we were leaving her there, since that’s where she stays when we go on vacation. Except we keep coming back. All of us. So she follows me around and positions herself exactly in the middle so she can see all five of us. And every time we leave, she tries to come with us and every time we come back she’s super excited and can’t figure out why we’re all still there. Believe me, I need a vacation. I’d love to be leaving her there and lying on a beach somewhere warm. But instead, I’m just going to visualize a beach, because that’s just as good and will relax me.

The child has to get to school and to work and to band practice. There are twice as many drivers now, but it takes twice as much planning to make sure we know who is going where, with what objects and did we leave those objects upstairs, downstairs or at the freezing cold house. But I’m just going to do the deep breathing exercises I was taught.

Yeah, this meditation stuff is awesome!

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