Monday, March 12, 2018

It's Back!

Electricity is a beautiful thing, especially after you lose it for five days. When you get it back, along with your heat, a working sump pump and eventually, hot water, life takes on a rosy glow, birds chirp and unicorns fly.


The reality is a little different. Yes, it’s true, I have immense gratitude for the things I take for granted. I’d make a whiny, teary pioneer who would probably be left on the side of some random horse trail in exchange for some peace and quiet. I like warmth, I need hot water and candlelight really isn’t romantic when it’s not by choice.

My basement didn’t survive the ordeal, although most of the “things” in the basement did. Luckily for us, there is a door I can close so I don’t have to see the dusty cement floor, the cut-out drywall, or the mess. And we have enough towels and mats and slippers strewn about to trap most of the dust we track.

But the living area of my house looks like a flea market. Random things we brought up from the basement to save from the flood are distributed without much thought throughout different rooms.  It’s temporary, and it could be much worse, but it makes me itchy every time I walk by something that doesn’t belong where it’s currently located.

So for the moment, I’m living in a state of flux. But it’s better than last week—warmer and drier, too!—so things are looking up. And I’m starting to find time again to prepare for my book launch on the 21st. Stay tuned!

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