Monday, July 17, 2017

College Shopping

We went college shopping for the Princess yesterday. Maybe I should say college “supply” shopping, since we’ve basically been college shopping for years now (and I’m still doing it for Banana Girl).

When I got engaged, I scoured magazines for to-do lists and timelines and let me tell you, I OWNED that. I did everything I was supposed to do when I was supposed to do it—or instructed my mom and others to do it for me, exactly how I wanted it.

When I got pregnant, I bought every single pregnancy book, studied every single website and took every single class they offered—at least once if not multiple times during the same pregnancy. I took into account superstitions that wouldn’t let me prepare too early and advice from other moms.

I should not have been surprised that there are college supply lists, college advice websites and catalogs and magazines dedicated to filling a dorm room with every conceivable item your student might find necessary. I read them all.

Despite my dislike of killing trees, I printed them out. I brought the catalogs with me. I even gave my husband specific jobs to do once we arrived at the store.

But one look at the Princess’ red face when we walked in and I abandoned them all—well, not the part about giving my husband instructions. Seriously, does anyone EVER skip a chance to do that? But I looked at her and realized she was totally out of her element. She had no idea what she wanted or what she needed. The fact that her roommate was with us was great—she kept her calm and gave her things to laugh at. But I knew if I went through my multiple lists, I’d lose her. So we wandered the appropriate aisles and gravitated to the things she wanted. I gave much of my advice to her roommate while the Princess was in earshot—the Princess is much more likely to listen when I’m not talking to her. J And we probably bought things we don’t need/won’t use. We definitely bought way more now, rather than holding it to pick up from the local store on the day of move-in, than we intended. And we bought multiple bedding, since she still can’t decide what she wants. But I can, and will, return unneeded/unwanted items.

I was way less anal than when I made my wedding registry/timeline. I was way less prepared than when I shopped for baby. I didn't look at my lists.

But we smiled.

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