Monday, July 3, 2017

Adventures at Day Camp

Well, the good news is that there are no bears at camp. At least, none that The Princess has told me about. Considering she comes home and tells me the interesting things that happen at camp each day, I assume I’d hear about a bear. So, yay!

Hearing about camp adventures daily is new to me. At sleep away camp, they’re not allowed to use their phones, so they have to write actual letters. And address them, stamp them and mail them. Which means I don’t hear a lot about what goes on. But since she comes home each day and I’m waiting for her (and she’s too exhausted to run away from me), I hear about her day.

Here are some highlights:

The letter tzadik (among other Hebrew letters) was missing. She found it. Good to know she learned something in Hebrew school.

After a year of being “too cool” to take the bus, she’s back on it. My gas bills are going down.

Her apparent superpower is making three-year-olds stop crying. Not a bad superpower to have.

Meanwhile at home, I’ve found a stash of her stuff she never unpacked from her years of sleep away camp. Yes, YEARS!

She is very loud. I’ve always known this, but this means my summer is not the quiet, relaxing time I’m used to.

Just when I thought all the swim laundry from swim team was done, there’s MORE!

She came home with a cow—no not a real one (I would have led with that!)—as the prize for being Counselor Of the Week (C-O-W, get it?). It’s cute, and now is one more thing taking up room on my kitchen counter.

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