Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break

It’s spring break, so we’re visiting colleges. Driving out to the Midwest and flying back home. After the week I’ve had, I’m tempted to just keep on driving, but I came across this quote that I love. I can’t guarantee it was actually said by Elizabeth Taylor, and she’s never been a role model of mine, but I do like the quote, regardless of the author:

The four of us are visiting colleges over spring break—The General is the one actually looking, but Banana Girl can benefit and if it saves us a trip (or a few) later on, then all the better. And we’re visiting my husband’s and my alma mater, which is going to be great! Of course, we’re adding in some visits with friends along the way, as well as good food, so it should be a fun trip.

I really enjoy the college visits, except I always come away feeling like I’ve wasted so much of my life doing very little. When I see all of the options available to college students, all the chances they have to do things, and then I look at my life, I feel a little incomplete. I’d love to go back and take advantage of all the things I was too young to realize the benefits of back when I was actually in school. But then I look at the two humans I’ve made, and they’re pretty great, and somehow, creating them is going to have to be enough.

And hey, when I get stuck, there’s always the quote to remind me to keep on going.

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