Monday, April 25, 2016

It's Passover

The Passover seders are over!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t enjoy them, because I do. But they are exhausting and knowing they’re over lets me sit back and take a breath before I have to dive in and figure out what the heck my family is going to eat for the next week—especially lunches, which are the worst!

For an organized person, I was very disorganized in my approach to cleaning this year. It all got done in time, but it felt off. Add in meetings taking place when I needed to be cleaning my refrigerator, a dishwasher breaking and flooding my kitchen and all the last minute needs of family due to life taking place while prepping for Passover, and I was scattered.

Next year, I’m using an organization list my friend Lisa provided me. She’s Orthodox, so it’s more involved than I need, but it will help me immeasurably so that I don’t have the disorganized feeling anymore. It also has a breakdown, so if I want to combine my spring-cleaning with my Passover cleaning, I can. I used to do that a long time ago and decided it was too much work. But I was young and stupid then. I’m older and a super-clean house appeals to me, so I think it’s time to try it again. Besides, a mistake is never a mistake until I repeat it at least twice!

As usual, just as I finished the mega-cleaning, I had to jump right into cooking. And as usual, I made enough food for twice as many as I expected. Literally. We had 12 people and I cooked enough for 24, which meant I could bring the excess to the second seder. My own family didn’t particularly appreciate it, but the growing boys at the table (who I’m considering adopting since they like my cooking more than my own kids do) scoffed it up.

With all the rules surrounding Passover, I really wish there was one that stated, “She who cleans must not cook.” I think it totally fits with the “Don’t mix meat and milk” rule. “Someone” needs to get on that, stat.

Looking back on what worked and what didn’t, I’m not thrilled with the food I made (although I’m very thankful for the help with getting the chicken out on time—and COOKED), the Haggadot (books we use during the seder) were still not my favorite, and washing every single item by hand (thanks to my dishwasher) was, um, not fun. However, the company was good, the second night was pretty funny and it was lovely celebrating all together—the computerized baby doll my oldest had for the weekend, to simulate a newborn for her child development class, added to the fun.

For the rest of the holiday week I’ll be cleaning up matzah crumbs that never EVER seem to go away, serving cake for breakfast (my kids’ favorite part of the holiday), figuring out how to make Passover food for lunches and trying to plan ahead for next year.

Happy Passover!

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