Monday, March 14, 2016

By The Numbers

The other night I shrieked, startling my husband and the dog (nothing startles the teens). My book, The Seduction of Esther, had hit #157 on Amazon in Jewish books. Usually, my books are in the thousands, so this number was exciting for me. It has since fluctuated, dipping into the two- and three-hundreds before rising again and is now at #67.*


My husband wanted to know what those numbers mean, and to be honest, I’m not completely sure. Basically, they’re sales numbers, divided into categories. So in essence, my book is selling well. However, those numbers are also dependent on categories, and the categories are determined by publishers.

While my numbers right now are awesome in Jewish books, they are much less awesome in romance. But I’ll take what I can get, especially since right now, my book is supposedly selling better than one by Elie Wiesel and Leon Uris, which is kind of cool (not that I want to disparage any writer ever!).

Honestly, I’m not usually a numbers person. I’ve become jaded by hearing how the New York Times bestseller numbers are configured (it’s no longer by popularity—you actually have to pay to get on their list, I believe), and I’m not writing books so I can appear on a list. I’m writing because when I don’t write, I’m miserable.

But the numbers are still fun to watch!

*If you’ve recently bought the book, thanks for helping me out! If you haven’t, but are thinking about it, it’s currently on sale.

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