Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Monday

Another Monday, another early morning sitting in the car dealer, trying to figure out why my car is ticking. At least the service guys behind the counter didn’t look at me like they thought there was a bomb in it, unlike the service lady I spoke to on the phone who did not sound pleased. Once again, the radio is playing just loud enough to annoy me and someone is talking on their phones in the waiting room, although at least this time, the man is speaking in a low voice out of respect for the rest of us. And I, as usual, am sitting on the remote control to prevent the TV from being turned on. I considered stealing the other remote too, but that controls the TV in another area, and I decided that wouldn’t be fair. This time. I’m starting to think of this waiting room as my office. Some writers take pictures of their beautiful views—Jill Shalvis’ Tahoe views make me jealous. Some writers take pictures of their desks—never trust a writer with a neat desk. Mine is going to be here:

Another Monday, and The General is home sick. I forced her to go to Urgent Care yesterday, after feeling lousy since Friday. The amount of complaining, questions about what treatments she’s had or not, which facility to go to and just general ickiness yesterday made me convinced that she was going to be responsible for the world ending that very moment. But when I returned home, having left all that loveliness to my long-suffering and ever-patient husband, she was almost back to her normal self. I was convinced she was on the mend. Until last night, or actually super early this morning, when I couldn’t sleep and she joined me downstairs, claiming she couldn’t either. Waking up for school today was less than successful, so she’s home and I’m waiting to see if her yuckiness is due to exhaustion or to still being sick. Regardless, she has the SAT this Saturday, so whatever bug she has needs to leave.

Another Monday, which is usually my favorite day of the week, but this week is crazy busy and something feels off. Maybe it’s because I’m waiting to hear about a bunch of things. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, it’s Monday.

Happy Leap Year!

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