Monday, November 11, 2013

You Can Help!

Today marks the second week of celebrating the second birthday of Skin Deep. I’ve never done this before for any of my books, but it’s a fun concept and I’m glad I’m giving it a try.

Last week’s blog post offered a number of statistics about domestic violence. In many of the comments I’ve received—either on Facebook or other blogs where I’ve also been featured as a guest—I’ve been told stories of people who have experienced domestic abuse firsthand. I’d like to thank them for sharing their stories with me and to tell them how much I admire them for getting out of dangerous situations.

Their stories are much more important than my book, but if my book can help to raise awareness and help provide safety to victims, then I’m glad to do my part.

With that in mind, please remember that for every comment I receive on this blog, as well as any other venue in which I celebrate the 2nd birthday of Skin Deep, I will donate $1 to The Rachel Coalition ( ).

The Rachel Coalition is a division of Jewish Family Service of MetroWest, and a partnership of nine northern New Jersey organizations working together to provide services and support programs for victims of domestic violence in Essex and Morris County.

Thanks for your support!


  1. Bless you for doing this! I've known way too many victims of domestic abuse over the years. It does take a huge amount of courage for them to leave.

    1. Yes, April, they are very, very brave. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Well done, Jennifer.
    No person has the right to assault, verbally or emotionally abuse another.

  3. Jennifer you are awesome for doing this - and what a unique (and lovely) way to celebrate a book. Thank you for caring.

    I see so many cases of domestic violence, and while I have a slightly different experience with it ... oh the stories I could tell. :(

    Congratulations on your book anniversary!

    1. Thank you, Lime! I appreciate your kind words, and the work you do.