Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Get to Know Kristal Harris

Favorite color:  Red

Favorite Movie:  Under the Tuscan Sun

Favorite Paranormal Author:  Christine Feehan

Favorite ice cream:  Butter Pecan or Mint Choc Chip

Favorite Chocolate:  Dark chocolate

Favorite Candy:  Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate

Favorite Vacation:  Badlands, South Dakota

Favorite Genre Romance:  Historical romance

Favorite female actor:  Kate Winslet

Favorite male actor:  Alexander Skarsgard

Favorite TV shows:  Ancient Aliens, What on Earth, UFO files, The Abandoned, The Unexplained. (I’m a true nerd, and embrace it fully…lol)


Kristal Dawn Harris is an award-winning, Rone nominated, American romance author. She has been married for 27 years and has two children. Kristal finished a degree from Miami University in Accounting Technology, but quickly realized she preferred words over numbers. She is an avid reader and, in particular, loves darker paranormal romance. Her hobbies include coin collecting, physical fitness, stained-glass art (beginner), poetry, and song writing.

Kristal primarily writes for her publisher, The Wild Rose Press, although it should be noted she has self-released several books. She writes paranormal, fantasy, erotic, as well as contemporary romance in different lengths.

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Vampire and warlock, Roman Lee, spent centuries alone as ringmaster of the carnival. After befriending and healing a scarred, young woman, Roman realizes Mariah is his mate. He waits for her, but when she departs from his life, his torture knows no bounds. Now he's risen, unforgiving and angry, forced from his grave by the one woman who captured his heart, but will another secret and the call of his mate change everything?

The steady call of Roman's blood and the promise of peace brings Mariah Stone home to the carnival and the vampire she left behind. He ignores her until she forces him from the grave with her blood. His anger crushes her already broken spirit, but she is determined to win Roman's forgiveness and free him from their bond. Denied passion leads them down a path of magic and desire, while a devastating secret threatens eternal love.


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Mariah stopped directly over where she knew Roman rested. Her own blood surged in her veins every time she stepped on the worn plank. She tilted her head, listening to the call of his blood and the beat of his heart. Lizzie said he wasn’t feeding as much as he should, so there was one sure way to bring Roman out of his grave. She searched the room for something sharp until her gaze landed on a small, jeweled pocketknife. She grabbed it off the table and pulled the blade out of its slot. It was dull, but it would work.

Mariah placed the small blade against her left palm, then held it over the spot where she knew Roman rested. With one downward swipe, the blade pierced her flesh, opening a one-inch gash. Blood poured from the wound and dripped onto the rough, wooden floor planks. She crouched and held her palm over the crack between the boards, making sure the blood reached Roman. With a deep breath, she gathered her courage as her blood continued to splatter in droplets between the planks. The room seemed to groan, and every trinket vibrated when she finally called to the other half of her soul in a loud, demanding voice. “Rise for me, Roman Lee.”


  1. I love Under The Tuscan Sun too. Your book sounds great. D. V.

    1. Thanks! I've been meaning to dive into yours and will soon.

  2. Thanks for hosting me Jennifer! Appreciate you!

  3. Oh my! The excerpt gave me goose bumps. I've slowed down on paranormal lately, but I can't wait to read this one. Good luck, Kristal.

    1. Thanks Sandra! It's definitely different and I hope you fall in love.

  4. Oh! Alexander Skarsgard was my inspiration for the hero in one of my stories. Enjoyed reading your favorites, Kristal. Congratulations on your new release! Sounds wonderful!