Monday, October 5, 2020

Another Speaking Engagement

 I was the guest speaker at my Temple’s Sisterhood breakfast and I had so much fun!

Anyone who knows me, and reads the above sentence, is now convinced I lost my mind. But I didn’t. I really had a good time.


It quite possibly could be due to the pandemic. This was the first organized activity with people other than my family that I’ve attended since March. But keeping everyone’s safety in mind, the breakfast was held outdoors in the parking lot. We all brought our own chairs (and our own breakfast) so no one was touching anything or anyone. We all wore masks, except when I spoke to the group (although I double checked with the ladies sitting in front of me, about ten feet away, to make sure they were okay with me taking off my mask).


I wasn’t expecting a huge turnout. I mean, I was advertised as the featured speaker and I don’t think I’m that exciting. But there were about 20 people (two per parking space—we were really spread out), which was great. Just the right size for me to not freak out over speaking in public. And my friends were there, so even though I was speaking, I was talking to nice people.

Since I have done this before, I put together a twenty-minute speech that touched on a little of everything—what it’s like to be a romance writer, information about the industry, what my writing process and style is, and of course, the Jewish angle (see location of speech, above). I mentioned a few of my books and took questions at the end. People laughed in all the right places, which was also gratifying. 


I did not sell books. First of all, this event wasn’t billed that way. And second of all, I really don’t know how to sell physical books to actual people in a safe way during Covid. But hey, that’s the beauty of my books being available online. At the end, I directed them to my website and to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If they’re interested, they’ll buy.


My one screw-up? At the beginning of the breakfast, we were asked to introduce ourselves and to name an item starting with our first initial that we’d bring to the “campfire”—since we were sitting outside and all. My name is Jennifer, and I did NOT think to say Jewish romance. Sigh.


  1. Good for you! I'm glad it was safe and went well.