Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day was yesterday. It’s supposed to be the day to celebrate the relationship between mothers and their children. In the times of Covid, that means something a little different.

My in-laws are in Florida. They couldn’t travel so we talked on the phone. My husband wasn’t with his mother, my mother-in-law wasn’t with her grandchildren, but we sent gifts that were delivered in time and we talked.

My parents came for lunch. A socially distant one. They brought their own food, we provided our own, gifts were left on a table and we sat six feet apart. Our yearly photo was taken with lots of space between us. There were no hugs. But we spent time together.

My kids were home and it was wonderful. That doesn’t always happen. There were handmade cards because no one wanted to venture to the store, although I did get a cake that required store-going, but I didn’t ask.

I think this year, while very different, was also nice. What we did was intentional. We all took the time to figure out a way to make everyone’s day special, even if it couldn’t be the same as in previous years.

And hopefully next year we can go back to hugs.

Mother's Day 2018, the last time we were all together for the holiday


  1. I like that you received a cake that required store going but did not ask. Happy Mother’s Day. Stay safe and healthy friend.