Monday, October 28, 2019

Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Another weekend, another book signing.

I know that sounds so blasé. I don’t mean it to. Every time I get to sign books, I’m excited. There have just been a lot of them lately, and the activity will continue until Thanksgiving.

This time, it was at Barnes & Noble. Whoa. Just looking at that makes me feel like a real author (cue Sally Field). Just because my books are available at online retailers, doesn’t mean they are carried in brick and mortar bookstores. And when Barnes & Noble offer book signings, they generally like to carry the books of the authors they promote. Luckily, as time has gone by, they’ve realized that as long as they are ABLE to get them in one way or another, they can host the author. Or maybe it’s luckily for me.

The store manager of the Barnes & Noble is a big romance fan (not all managers are) and contacted my local chapter of romance writers, looking for authors who would like to attend her event. Of course, I volunteered.

It was a great day. There were seventeen of us there and they put us smack in the middle of the store—you’d be surprised at how often we’re shuffled off into an alcove where no one knows to visit us. There was even a sign advertising some of us. And streamers! 

I was excited to see so many of the authors I know on social media but haven’t had the chance to meet in person. Authors are fun to be around, especially romance ones. We chatted and laughed with each other and with customers, and sold books! And, I made connections—both with the store manager, who will now invite me to other events, and with other writers, who will include me in events they find out about. So it was a great success.

Next week, I’m signing at an independent bookstore in Montgomery, NY. I hope you’ll stop by if you’re in the area!

And if you haven't heard, my Hanukkah novella is up for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks! Only $1.99. Order now and it will magically appear on your e-reader on December 2!

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