Monday, December 10, 2018

I Found It!

Yesterday was a great day. Not because we celebrated the last night of Chanukah with family, which we did, and it was also great, but because I found two things that have been missing forever.

The first was a sock.

Yeah, I know, if I’m getting jazzed over a missing sock, then my life is pretty sad. While I personally don’t agree with that statement, I can understand why you might think that. But missing socks drive me crazy, especially when they’re mine. My husband jokes that I shouldn’t mind, since I wear mismatched socks like the kids do, except I only wear them when walking the dog. And for any of you who have seen me when I walk the dog—or have accompanied me on those dog walks—mismatched socks are the least of my worries (hey, it’s early morning, I’m not a morning person and at least I’m upright).

But for the rest of the time? I like my socks to match. And to be the same size and fabric. So when we do the laundry and I end up with an odd number of socks, and still an even number of feet, I get frustrated. Adding to that is the borrowing of said socks by Banana Girl, who needed them for marching band. Yeah, “borrowing.” That’s funny. Because anything “lent” to one of my girls is likely never to be seen again. But when she needed black socks for marching band, and I had a drawer full of them, it was easier than going out to the store to buy them. So I gave her a few pairs, with the understanding that I’d get them back. That was freshman year. She’s a senior. I finally got a pile of socks back and wouldn’t you know it, some of the missing pairs were there!

The second was my iPad cloth. 

My iPad is the original version, when Apple first came out with them. The only thing I do with it is read on my kindle app. It came with a black cloth that was the size of the screen and that cloth was great. It made cleaning the screen really easy and was the perfect size. And then I lent it to the Princess. I know. I should know better. But she needed it to borrow and I said, “Sure, just give it back to me.” Ha. It was lost somewhere in her room, which meant I was never going to see it again. 

I searched the laundry. I searched piles of clothes we were giving away. I searched under her bed (and survived). She went off to college, after cleaning her room, and it was still missing. My author friend was nice enough to give me a new one, one that was imprinted with her book and was a lovely piece of author swag. I’ve been using it since then and it works great. I have no complaints.

But then we put together a massive donation of clothes from Banana Girl. I was getting them ready—and getting annoyed by all the unworn clothes that were no longer the right size—when I spotted the iPad cloth! Don’t ask me how it got in her pile of clothes (although this does provide evidence that she steals from her sister), but it was there. And now it’s mine again.

Moral of the story: never lend anything to your kids that you ever want to see again.

And sometimes it’s nice to be thrilled by the little things.

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