Monday, April 2, 2018

Last College Visits

We’re making the last of our college visits this week. Two more schools and then we’re done until she applies and gets in somewhere. As desired, Banana Girl is applying to different schools than her sister did, for the most part. That’s a good thing, because they’re different people, different students and I wouldn’t want them to do everything the same. We’ve always fostered their independence and always told them they shouldn’t do what the other one does just because she does it.

That means that we can’t just say, “Oh, you saw this school when your sister visited.” Even though she went on a lot of her sister’s visits, she wasn’t thinking colleges quite then and again, she’s different.

As a parent, it’s weird doing it a second time. This time around, I’m not comparing it to when I was applying to colleges. I’m a little more jaded—I buy less the hard sells and the slick marketing. I’m a little more tuned in to what will work for her versus what works for her sister.

This time around, we have a habit of focusing more on the food. J Although with it being Passover, I’m not sure how much experimenting we can do. But we can see how much matzah they provide their students!

I’m curious to see where she ends up, and I’m totally blocking out the idea that they’ll both be gone. That'll be for another blog post.

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