Monday, December 18, 2017

Looking Back

Every year at this time, Facebook does a year in review, showing a slideshow of various photos, status updates and friends from the past year. Like many people who have commented about this feature, this is one year that I’m really not up for reviewing.

We have a president who thinks women and minorities are less than human and would like us to relive the 1950s. We have a Congress with admissions requirements that are more lax than shopping malls. Powerful men who have abused women are pouring out of the woodwork (I’m telling you now, if anyone accuses Tom Hanks, I’m done), and not a single one knows how to apologize—you’d think with all the Hollywood elite accused, one of them would hire a screenwriter to give them a decent apology script that everyone else could plagiarize. And it seems as if the entire world is either falling apart or against us or both.

But, upon further reflection, this year had some incredible moments. Resistance is growing strong. Regardless of political affiliation, people are standing up for what’s right. Decency and courage are peeking through the cracks. Women are demonstrating hidden strength and destroying those who would do us harm. The silent are finding a voice.

I’ve had meaningful conversations with people that, up until that time, I hadn’t discussed anything other than superficial topics. I’ve learned the true meaning of friendship. I’ve watched people I love overcome things and succeed at things that I never thought I’d see.

Those moments are enough to carry me through and to give me hope for the future. And when those moments aren’t enough, I escape into my work, where the women are strong and don’t need rescuing; the men aren’t assholes; and happily-ever-after provides the light at the end of the tunnel (hmm, maybe I DO write about my real life...).

So 2017, while going into the history books for all the wrong reasons, does have some good things that I want to remember—book sales, new friends, fun memories.

But I think I’ll pass on Facebook’s end-of-year feature. Maybe next year.

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