Monday, September 18, 2017

The Car Place

I spent part of the morning at the car place. Again. No, we don’t have problems with our cars. Most times, I’m there for routine maintenance. But with three cars and me the only person with the time to take them, I spend a lot of my time in car places.
This time, I was at the dealer. A different dealer than usual—not next to the homemade ice cream place that tempts me no matter how early it is. They greeted me and led me inside, took down some information, and pointed me in the direction of the waiting area.
As I stood behind the closed door, I prepared myself for my usual car place waiting room experience:
  • TV blaring to some weird court TV reality show, with judges who always make me wonder…about a lot of things, or a game show where people dress up as chickens;
  • Stale coffee;
  • An endless parade of people who somehow manage to arrive after me and leave before me even though I’ve made an appointment;
  • The car person who always finds something extra that needs to be done.

With a deep breath, I entered.
  • The TV was on, as expected, but it was turned to Kelly & Ryan. Compared to the usual programs, this is a huge improvement;
  • There was a quiet room, where you can sit and avoid the noise. By the time I realized, someone else was already in there, but next time, it’s MINE;
  • I don’t know about their coffee, but there were BAGELS! And cream cheese! Again, I was too shocked to actually eat them, but they made me forget all about my coffee;
  • I was in and out in twenty-five minutes;
  • They did what I asked, and only what I asked and they took my coupon.

It was a lot better than I expected. I haven’t worked up the courage to steal the remote, yet, but with the quiet room, I might not have to. And I’m still not a fan of car places. But they were friendly and fast and I’m already home, with the rest of my day available to me.

Now they just need a homemade ice cream place next door...


  1. Glad it was a better experience. There not place's i like to be, left sitting like a numpty! I make sure I have a book with me.
    Do you know what a numpty is? :D

    1. I confess, I have no idea what a numpty is--this is why I love having friends in other countries! :)