Monday, May 22, 2017

Scenes From Hoboken

Banana Girl and I spent Sunday afternoon in Hoboken as part of her Mother’s Day gift to me. She took me to lunch at Honeygrow. OMG, it was amazing!
She first went there on a trip to DC and came home raving about it. She’s my foodie. When she gave me a certificate for lunch with her, I suggested we find a local one and go together. Our options were Hoboken or New Brunswick. We chose Hoboken.
We made our own stir fry and then split a honeybar. I cannot wait to go back.
While we were there, I took some photos of Hoboken. My upcoming book takes place there and I thought the photos would come in handy.
Hoboken is a small city across the Hudson River from New York City. Lots of young urban professionals live there because it’s easy to commute across the river to jobs in New York. It has lots of great restaurants and bars. I remember hanging out there after I graduated college.
I took a few of the town to give readers a feel for the location.
I took some of high-rise apartments, since both of my characters live in them—the other option are smaller brownstones.
And I took a photo of the riverfront, where my hero goes to contemplate next steps.
Of course, while I was there, I had to take a photo or two of the view.
If you’re ever in the area, definitely take a look (and stop at Honeygrow!).

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