Monday, January 30, 2017

A Letter To My Daughter On Her 18th Birthday

The first time you were put in my arms, I was calm (I was also drugged, so that could have contributed to the situation). I knew everything about you, because you had been inside of me for the past nine months and I recognized your face from the ultrasounds (and no one wants to argue with a hormonal woman who has just gone through 12+ hours of labor).
But really, I knew nothing about you, and when we got home from the hospital and everyone left, I looked at Daddy and said, “Now what?”
Over the years, I’ve laughed and cried and screamed and laughed some more while watching you grow into the young woman you are today. And I can confidently say I know more about you than I did that first day I brought you home.
I know you have the brightest smile and most sparkly green eyes I’ve ever seen, and you make my world a happier place just by being you.
I know no matter how insecure you might feel inside, you project confidence and wisdom that I admire.
I know you’re honest and I trust you implicitly—and I know you can handle the weight of my trust.
I know you’re stubborn, and that your stubbornness will do you well in the future. While you might have occasion to temper it, don’t ever let anyone convince you to lose it.
I know you know yourself, and at your age, that’s amazing. I hope you continue to grow and learn more about yourself and always trust your inner voice.
I know you embody every single dream I had for my daughter when I first dreamed of you; when I first looked at your big eyes and curly hair and big kissable belly; and when I look at and talk to you now.
Happy birthday to my first baby. As you chart your path, remember where you come from, who you are and all your dreams for your future.
And never forget how much I love you.


  1. Love this. My firstborn is 35 now and I still look at her with the very same sense of wonder and awe I did the first time I held her.