Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Out of Words

I was supposed to blog yesterday and I’m supposed to write an entry today for another blog I contribute to, and I’m out of words.

I wish more people would run out of words, actually. Maybe then our political scene would be less vitriolic. Maybe people would think before they speak and have a chance to remember they are humans first. Because our upcoming political leaders, and their supporters, seem to be forgetting that.

They bring each other down by their words and their deeds. Rather than rising above, as some claim to do, they fall for the bait and lower their standards and everyone else’s. Our country has become a reality show, the world has become its audience and everyone loses.

Authors are told not to get political because we will lose readers, so I can’t talk here about who I back and why.

But I will say this. When we rule from a position of fear, we lose. When we lower our own moral standards to pander to others, we lose. When we cater to the whims of others because it’s the only way we’ll “win,” we lose. When we stop thinking about long-term strategy and focus on temporary gains, we lose.

Our elections should never be about a single issue. They should never be about choosing the least bad. Our country has always been a beacon of hope for others. That beacon has dimmed. Make sure you vote before it goes out.

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