Monday, July 4, 2016

Piggy And Baby Gone Bad

I’m trying to work on my camp communication skills.

You see, each year it’s a struggle to keep in touch with the kids while they’re away at camp. I like to write them every day or almost every day, because I want them to get mail. I know they look forward to the mail arriving and I want to make sure they get something from me on a regular basis.

However, I’m not really that interesting. There are only so many questions I can ask about camp (most of which are not getting answered) and only so many things I can tell them about my day, without repeating myself. This year, it’s especially difficult because one is now allowed to text and we communicate often—okay, mostly it involves, “Mom, can you send me…” but at least I know she’s alive and hasn’t been eaten by a bear. The other one warned me she wasn’t going to write and I haven’t heard a thing from her. The only thing keeping me from going off the deep end is that I see her in photos.

So this year, I decided to do something different. I don’t want to be “that mom” who texts constantly. I want the Princess to have as much freedom as she wants, free from having to check in. Not to mention, the more I text, the more chances she has to ask for food or other items. But I did want to perhaps provide a little amusement, and maybe spark some sort of reaction.

I started taking photographs. Both kids have guys they sleep with, and both kids left them home. So, stealing from the Elf on the Shelf friends, I have been posing them and photographing them. For Princess, who’s allowed to have her phone with her, I’ve been sending her “Fun photos of the day.” For Banana Girl, I’ve been printing and mailing them, in the hopes of eliciting some sort of response and maybe getting a letter in return.

I have not yet gotten a letter. I have, however, gotten return “Fun photos of the day” from the Princess, which tells me more about what she’s doing than if I asked her directly. And my adult friends, who see my posts on Facebook or Instagram, seem to be enjoying my endeavors.

I’d like to thank all my Christian friends who have made Elf on the Shelf part of their Christmas tradition, because you have inspired me to create something while my kids are at camp. I’d also like to thank my few chosen “Elf on the Shelf Gone Bad” friends for their wacky sense of humor, which has allowed me to expand upon my own creativity and truly make my project complete.

Things might be getting a little out of hand.

Even when the kids are gone, I can't shower in peace!

Entertaining themselves.

Who do you miss more?

Mmm, bacon!

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