Monday, December 14, 2015

Calm Within the Storm

There’s something very satisfying about being the calm within the storm. It doesn’t happen often. I’m usually the one freaking out over everything, and if I’m not freaking out about something, I’m freaking out over having nothing to freak out about. It’s exhausting.

But right now, I’m calm.

All around me, people are gearing up for celebrating Christmas. Stores are mobbed, people are counting down, lights are blinking and music is playing. It’s lovely from a distance, but here at home, Chanukah is just about over—only a few more hours left. It’s a small holiday, although it lasts a while, so we don’t have the craziness that is generally associated with Christmas. And as I pack away the decorations for another year and clean the wax out of the menorahs, I appreciate the peace. No more triple checking what time everyone will be home and fitting in candle lighting with homework and meetings and dinner. For me, it’s a quiet time, and I’m going to appreciate it.

Social media is filled with political rants on both sides. No matter which political party you support, everyone is shouting (admittedly one party is shouting louder than the other right now). Sure, there are rights to support and observations that need to be made, but nothing has been decided yet. Primaries haven’t even occurred. If this is how loud we are now, I can’t even imagine what it will be like when we have two actual candidates. The ugliness is reaching a crescendo and I don’t know what happens when we reach the summit. So I’m liking and commenting on posts that are particularly “likeable” and “comment-worthy,” but I’m taking a step back when I can and not jumping into the fray every single second. Sometimes shock jocks and fear mongers do what they do for the reaction they get. I’m not playing that game.

I’m sure as soon as I post this there will be something to freak out over—I have two teenaged girls, after all. But for this moment, I’m taking a really deep breath.

Good luck everyone!

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