Friday, May 22, 2015

Book Boyfriends Cafe Weekly Blog Hop

Below is the "hot kiss" for this week's blog hop. It's from Miriam's Surrender and is between Miriam and Josh. Enjoy!

His lips pressed against hers. They were firm, yet soft and she wanted to taste him. He kissed her as if his entire purpose was to give her the perfect kiss. He nibbled her bottom lip and she opened her mouth. With the slight bit of encouragement, his tongue traced where he’d nibbled and dipped inside her mouth. Their tongues danced, their breaths mingled and she tasted traces of vanilla from his shake.
His hands slid down her arms and rested at her waist and she melted against him. He traced little circles with his thumbs and tingles ran up her spine. She played with the soft down at the base of his skull and fingered the hollow at the back of his neck. She flicked his ear and he groaned. Desire coursed through her and she reveled in her power to make him moan. Their noses touched and he reached behind for her hand and held it in his. He was warm and masculine and she wanted him. She inhaled and smelled his spicy aftershave.
He pulled away and traced kisses along her jaw. She shivered and licked his neck. It tasted salty and his pulse beat beneath her mouth. He hugged her tight against him and she slipped her arms inside of his coat and around his waist. Their bodies were so close it was as if they were one. Still, she wanted to be closer.
She tipped her head to the side to give him better access to her neck and his whiskers scraped the sensitive skin behind her ear. She whimpered and he trailed kisses from right below her ear to her jawline. When he pulled away, his breathing was heavy and matched her own.

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